More than 200 players, including former Prevestes and Clermontois, are on trial for brain injuries

More than 200 players, including former Prevestes and Clermontois, are on trial for brain injuries

This case will cause a stir in the Offaly world. More than 200 former international rugby players, who claim to have suffered brain injuries, sued three of the sport’s governing bodies on Friday in a London court over their liability for their health conditions.

This group of former international players brought collective legal action against the International Rugby Union, as well as the English (RFU) and Welsh (WRU) unions. Players criticize governing bodies for failing to take appropriate measures to protect their health and safety. Many rugby players – and other players – have revealed that they suffer from neurological disorders (permanent brain damage, early-onset dementia, post-traumatic epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, depression, etc.) caused by repeated head blows during their careers.

The names of the 212 players involved in the case were revealed during a hearing at the Crown Court in London. Their request for a group hearing must be scheduled for April or May 2024.

The plaintiffs include English players Phil Vickery and Mark Regan, winners of the 2003 World Cup, as well as former Wales star Gavin Henson. Steve Thompson, another member of the 2003 English team, is also one of the plaintiffs, as are two other former CA Brive players: Christian Short and Alex Popham. Passed by ASM Clermont, Canadian Jamie Cudmore and New Zealander Regan King are also on hand.

Susan Rodway, the players’ attorney, said her client “should have known about the potential for long-term neurological complications as a result of the accumulation of head impacts.”

In a joint statement, World Rugby, the WRU and the RFU stressed that “player welfare is and will continue to be rugby’s number one priority. Rugby is committed to leading the welfare agenda in sport, drawing on cutting-edge science and research to protect and support players.” At all levels.” The three organizations told the former players: “Their fight is important to us” and “We are listening to them.”

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List of 212 plaintiffs

Adam Hughes, Adam Black, Adam Eustace, Adam Palfrey, Alan Ocock, Alexander Cheesman, Alexander Lundberg, Alfie Twala-Falwaja, Alex Popham, Andrew Clarke, Andrew Coombes, Andrew Lamerton, Andrew Millward, Andrew Springay, Ben Begna, Callum Wilson. , Karl Hammans, Karl Hayman, Carwyn Jones, Charlie Beach, Christian Short, Christopher Arnold, Christopher Cracknell, Christopher Jones, Christopher Blanchant, Christopher Whitehead, Christopher Simpson-Daniel, Craig Hawkins, David James, Dale Rasmussen, Daniel Roberts, Daniel Scarborough . , David Corkery, David Jackson, David Llewellyn, David Maddox, David Merlyn, Derwin Jones, Dominic Ryan, Duncan Bell, Emyr Lewis, Finlay Barnham, Gareth Cole, Gareth Owen, Gareth Pryce, Gareth Williams, Gavin Evans, Gavin Thomas, Geraint Davies, Hal Luscombe, Harry Ellis, Hywell Jenkins, Ian Gough, Ian Jones, Enoch Afeke, Jack Cobden, James Collins, James Griffiths, James Foss, Jimmy Cudmore, Jimmy Ringer, Jimmy Robinson, Jason Hobson, John Carter, John Paul O . Reilly, Jonathan Ross Coombes, Joseph Buckley, Joseph Cobden, Joseph Travot, Justin Blanchett, Justin Waring, Kieran Law, Lee Davies, Lenny Woodard, Leo Halavatau, Lou Reed, Luke Fielden, Luke Wischnowski, Lyndon Bateman, Mark Perrigo, Mark. Regan, Mark Robinson, Matthew Vaughan, Matthew Dwyer, Matthew Buettner, Michael Hook, Michael Lipman, Michael Myerscough, Michael Powell, Michael Wilson, Moritz Botha, Neil Clarke, Neil Spence, Neil Walker, Nick Williams, Nigel Pisani, Oliver Hayes, Oliver Hodge, Oliver Phillips, Paul Pollard, Paul Clapham, Paul Jones, Paul Bock, Paul Sampson, Paul Smithson, Paul Foley, Peter Short, Philip Nielsen, Philip Vickery, Regan King, Rhys Gill, Rhys James, Rhys Thomas, Richard Thorpe , Robert Green, Robert Hoadley, Robert Kydd, Robson Blake, Roger Wilson, Rory Bateman, Rory Watts-Jones, Russell Kisley, Ryan Jones, Samuel Blanchett, Saul Nelson, Sean Lamont, Simon Gardiner, Simon Mason, Steve Thompson, Stephen Wynn. , Tevita Taumwebo, Theo Brophy Close, Thomas Pearce, Thomas Rook, Timothy Cowley, Vaughan Going, Akesh Ray, Adam French, Alexander Abbey, Alexander Barnes, Alun Griffiths, Andrew Herbert, Anne-Marie Livesey (representing Martin Livesey), Ben Beckett, Ben Ryder, Kier Davies, Ciri Jones, Colin Wood, Craig Harvey, Craig Thomas, Daniel Napier, David Reilly, Diane Thomas, Diane Williams (represented by Ivor Wyn Williams), Gerwyn Davies, Glen Webb, Hugo Dixon, Euan Cranswick, Jack Yates, Martin Frost (as James Batterham), Jonathan Purnell, John Goodson (as Alan Goodson), Joseph Cook, Joshua Hosford, Christian Trezez, Kyle Green, Lewis Edwards, Mark Catterall, Matthew Clement, Megan Mutrey, Michael Davies, Michael Lloyd-Jones ( Representing Peter Jones, deceased), Michael Powell, Michael Watkins, Clare Reo (representing Nicholas Reo), Noon Evans, Oliver Kavanagh, Paul Ringer, Paul Rudd, Paul Thompson, Rhys Watkins, Richard Howells, Robert Cunningham, Robert Johnston, Ryan Griffiths, Sean Gilbertson, Sean Dutton, Sean Gustard, Stephen Williams, Stephen Butcher, Stephen Sugar, Teresa O’Reilly, Timothy Greaves, Ruth Walters (as Trevor Evans), Ben Gerry, Brendan Lyons, Brett Sheehan, Christopher Stevens, Colin Charvis, Darren Morris, David Bishop, Gavin Henson, Ian Greenslade, Jack Stanley, John Liotta, Jordan Davies, Joseph Grabham, Joshua Rees James, Leighton Jones, Lewis Rawlins, Mark Redhalgh, Matthew Jones, Michael Peters, Morgan Stoddart, Nathan. Strong, Oliver Caterjee, Paul Knight, Paul Whittaker, Richard Armswood, Ross Johnston, Scott Crosby, Scott Hicks, Simon Bunting, Wayne Booth, William Evans, William Horrell.
source : Sky News

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