The All-Blacks in Toulouse 2023: A look back at New Zealand’s matches in the Pink City

Haka of the All Blacks wasn’t always as impressive as it is today, here the Kiwi is in Ernst Wallon before a match against France in 1946. (© DR Archives Ron Palenski)

Who is better than Toulouse to We welcome all blacks For the matchA Rugby World Cup in France 2023 ? Here we find the most beautiful fans of the beautiful games played by New Zealand, such as Toulouse stadium.

Team match on the field

Toulouse will once again welcome blacks, into its garden on the Ile du Ramier this time, in Playground. It will have a match in September 2023, during the chicken. They will face a qualified team from the “Africa” ​​group, which has not yet been determined. Toulouse will also host other major rugby nations, such as Japan and Fiji.

The eighth game in the history of the first Blacks team in Toulouse

The New Zealand You return to the land you have already planned. Seven times, All Blacks came to play in Toulouse.

Six times they faced France and one time Romania.

Their last visit dates back to 2007

The last time the All Blacks came to Toulouse, it was already on the field. when 2007 World Cup, meet Romania In a one-sided game. The New Zealanders won 85-8.

At the opening, Tolusan spotted a player who they’ll get to know better in four years. Luke McAllister Blacks have scored 14 points.

For the first time in 1925

On Sunday, January 18, 1925, spectators climbed into the trees to enjoy the movie All Blacks.
On Sunday, January 18, 1925, spectators climbed into the trees to enjoy the movie All Blacks.

In 2023, It has been nearly 100 years since New Zealand came to play an official match in Toulouse.

The Blakes’ first Test match against France in Toulouse dates back to 1925. At the time, the XV of France led by Yves du Manoir took a travel bag at the Stade des Ponts Jumeaux.

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Blacks are really impressive, says a correspondent from His Excellency January 19, 1925, the day after the match, has been missing daily since:

You must have watched the wonderful match that took place this afternoon, in the very small Ponts-Jumeaux field, lit by a bright sun, to understand and appreciate the enthusiasm of our Southern people for rugby.[…] What about New Zealanders who haven’t actually repeated? They were equal to themselves. I easily think their manager, who told me that they are now in better shape than at any time during their tour, and that the two matches played in France can be considered the best of the two. They leave without defeat. They are truly world champions.

LexelsiorA French pictorial daily was launched on November 16, 1910 and ceased in June 1940

Two victories for the Blues, the first in 1977 with Novis

France’s victory over New Zealand in rugby is a bit like a meteor, we know it exists, but we don’t see it often. However, some residents of Toulouse, blessed by the gods, were able to witness one of these miracles in Toulouse.

First November 11, 1977, A very brave French team that presented themselves against the blacks, and scored by winning 18 to 13. An important victory for Toulouse. On the wing, a certain person is Jay Novis His first pick is known by the color blue. He does not stand out among a team that wins thanks to his physical commitment.

The formation of the French national team for the match on the field against the blacks on November 11, 1977.
The formation of the French national team for the match on the field against the blacks on November 11, 1977. (© FFR)

Second victory in Toulouse, at the start of professionalism

The The second victory of the Blues against the blacks In Toulouse is more modern. We should go back to 1995, else November 11, in the stadium.

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Facing one of the best teams in France, the New Zealanders run into a group of local kids in Toulouse, determined to remain masters at home.

In the Prairie, four Toulouse residents own: Emile Ntamak, Thomas Castinedi, Christian Califano and Philip Carboneau, Without an account Fabian Belos, And again in Dax that joined the stadium the following year, and Jean-Luc SadorneThe Colomiers’ Unbreakable Back.

The French national team won 22 to 15 against men Jonah LomoWhile rugby has been professionalized, fans rejoice at the periods.

Match against the New Zealand national team in 1946

In 1946, Toulouse supporters flocked to watch New Zealand's squad against France.
In 1946, Toulouse supporters flocked to watch New Zealand’s squad against France.

On 1946, One year later war, France is playing a somewhat special match against New Zealand at the Ernst Wallon Stadium.

to New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War II are touring Europe, They weren’t called All Blacks, however Kiwi.

After the France team won in Paris, the former soldiers arrived in Toulouse believing they would meet a promising group of young players from southern France. But this is not the case, the match was sold as an international meeting, and almost all the CEOs of the France team, led by Louis Jonquas, Baiyun Center, over there.

But the kiwis don’t allow themselves to be admired, though CrowdsIn a city where rugby is already a religion.

In a very difficult match, on a solid, solid ground, they defeated the France national team, The final score is 9-14.

Neo-Zs passed through Toulouse

If Toulouse and First Blakes participated A certain vision of the beautiful game, They also share certain talents. The number of blacks who urinated in the red and black jerseys multiplied and marked the spirits of the fans.

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The first New Zealander to wear a Stade shirt got there by accident Mike Ocalagan. Between 1971 and 1974, the person who had worn the Blacks shirt three times found himself in Toulouse to study as a veterinarian, so he joined the local team.

From 200 to 2006, the center of the third line was overcome Mark shopping, Who had four picks with the Blacks makes happiness of the field. The opener or the center Lee Stensis (1998-2001, eight selections) is less marked by spirits.

Come on after that Byron KeelerLegendary bison, then Luke McAllister And that is what made the stadium shine in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Also today, Charlie Fumoyna And the Jerome Keanu Continue the tradition.

There is no doubt that in their match in Toulouse in 2023, the All-Blacks will feel some comfort.

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