That’s the big change that no one wants (or almost)

That’s the big change that no one wants (or almost)

Google Maps is changing the color of its map and this is clearly not to everyone’s taste. The new world map is too bleak for many people.

The new design of Google Maps is very boring // Source: Frandroid

Google Maps has changed colors. And be careful: we are not talking here about the logo or the interactive elements of the interface, but about the map itself. The navigation app actually rolled out a change that was undoubtedly intended to be subtle and more in tune with the times. Goodbye to slightly bright colors that stood out well. With the redesign, the different elements on the globe are less contrasty overall.

in home FrandroidWith a few exceptions, the majority of us don’t appreciate the new design. Personally, I especially regret that the oceans, seas, lakes and bodies of water are no longer colored in a rather dark blue color. Instead, these areas are indicated by a darker, pastel-like color.

Comparison between the old and new Google Maps design // Source: Elizabeth Laraki

The same applies to the greenery, which is now faded. Conversely, major traffic routes and some roads and paths stand out better. So we can imagine that Google Maps, as a navigation platform, wanted to highlight the roads we travel on. However, as a whole, the globe is less pleasant to look at, which is unfortunate.

“Less humane” design.

However, do not take my opinion or the opinion of my editorial staff seriously. However, many netizens also expressed their disappointment with this new design. On Reddit In particular, but also on x/twitterThey explained that they do not adhere to this new visual identity.

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Even Elizabeth Laraki, a former Google Maps contributor, split From a long message To criticize Mountain View’s choices on one of its most popular applications around the world. In particular, it refers to the look “Colder, less precise, less human“.”The colors of the water blend with the gardens and green spaces“, we also read.

In testing for a few months

This new design has been in testing since the end of August, and at that time, it was spotted 9to5Google. It’s only been a few days since the global rollout took place. If you’re also one of those frustrated people, know that Google Maps’ dark mode doesn’t make the same mistakes.

However, note that this is not an optimal solution for large discrepancies.

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