Tensions over Palestine are at the top of Valerie Heer's list

Tensions over Palestine are at the top of Valerie Heer's list

Having already faced tough polls, Valerie Heyer now also has to face problems from her own camp. In fact, Bernard Guetta, No. 2 on Macron's list in the June 9 European elections, spoke of France's recognition of “the existence of a Palestinian state,” a position his president distanced himself from in the evening. .

After Spain, Ireland and Norway, should France, in turn, recognize the State of Palestine? Bernard Guetta answered without hesitation on Radio Sud: “In my opinion, yes, because it is a factor in accelerating the resumption of negotiations.”

For Bernard Guetta “it's about being pro-peace”

According to number two, “It's not a question of being pro-Palestinian or pro-Israel, it's a question of being pro-peace, and forcing the leaders of these two peoples to the negotiating table.”

problem ? Valerie Heyer doesn't see things the same way. In the evening, during a debate on BFMTV, she considered that “the conditions are not met” for this recognition, while she reminded of her desire to achieve a “two-state solution.”

This is the position around which controversy revolves in the presidential camp

For Bernard Guetta, the goal should be “to achieve coexistence between two states” and “we can help this process by saying: we recognize in advance, even before the borders are defined, we recognize the principle of the existence of a Palestinian state.” state”.

But the former journalist is not the first to defend this position in the presidential camp. At the beginning of April, former Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian considered it necessary “to take measures of this kind to move Israel forward.”

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