Pope Francis uses a homophobic Italian word to talk about homosexuals – liberation

Pope Francis uses a homophobic Italian word to talk about homosexuals – liberation

During the Italian bishops' conference, the Argentine pope used a term from the Roman dialect considered derogatory toward homosexuals. Some bishops defend blunders.

There remains doubt as to whether he was aware of the wording of his words. But basically, there is nothing. Pope Francis recently used a derogatory and vulgar term when speaking about homosexuals in the Catholic Church, several Italian media outlets reported on Monday, May 27. As a result of the assembly of the Confederation of Italian Confederation (CEI) on a certain day, the Argentine father invited him to join in the semi-religious affairs of people with similar sexual relations, whether or not they are available. à a lot from “Anomaly”According to the translation closest to it.

He used a word from the Roman dialect, “Frosyagini”In Italian it is considered vulgar and insulting towards homosexuals.

“According to the bishops who were contacted” He speaks Corriere della Sera, “It is clear that the Sovereign Pope was not aware of how insulting his statements were in Italian.”writes the main Italian newspaper on its website.

“What's even more embarrassing is that his remarks were met with some astonishing laughter over this gaffe.” The Spanish-speaking Pope, whose mother tongue is not Italian, “It was clear”“, continues the newspaper.

The silent Vatican

Daily La Repubblica He gives the same information, citing several corroborating sources. The newspaper states that Pope Francis has always fought for a church that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, but during this meeting he insisted on banning seminars for openly homosexual people.

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When asked, the Vatican did not immediately respond.

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