Taupo: The super volcano is boiling again!  Scientists raise the alert level

Taupo: The super volcano is boiling again! Scientists raise the alert level

In New Zealand, scientists have recorded nearly 700 earthquakes on Taupo volcano in recent months. Now they have increased the warning level for the supervolcano. Are we facing a disaster?

Under Lake Taupo New Zealand A supervolcano is brewing. The last time the vent erupted was 1,800 years ago. Scientists hypothesize that this may be one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in the world in the past 5,000 years. The supervolcano has been active again for a few months. About 700 small earthquakes have been recorded in the region since May. Now scientists from the geological agency GeoNet have increased the warning level for Taupo. is supervolcano to explode?

Ripper Taupo is bubbles! Scientists raise the alert level

“Volcano Alert for Taupo Volcano has been raised to Level 1 (mild volcanic disturbances). Small volcanic disturbances are the cause of ongoing earthquakes and ground deformation at Taupo Volcano,” he shares. GeoNet with. However, there is no cause for concern. “In the past 150 years, there have been 17 initial riots. Many of them were more severe than we currently observe in Taupō. None of these, or many others, occurred in the last 1,800 years before the record was set. It ended with an explosion. volcanic.” According to GeoNet, earthquakes can last for weeks or even months without an eruption. There is a risk of earthquakes and landslides.

Minor disturbances warning – no breakouts to be feared

Since the introduction of the metering system in 1994, the warning level on Taupo has now been increased from 0 to 1 for the first time. There are six warning levels in total. Stage 1 and 2 sign of volcanic unrest. Only from level 3 to 5 does one speak of a volcanic eruption.

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