Taranto’s “SailGP” light metaphor is more environmentally sustainable

Taranto’s “SailGP” light metaphor is more environmentally sustainable

Take the wind and run – fast and light – toward a possible future, along a more environmentally sustainable path. After all, this is the true message that boat races “SailGP” The teams are on the flying boats they want to move from the “bivalve” marine mirror. Taranto: the capital of the seas or the seas.

The Grand Prix of Sail Italy is presented in Taranto – exactly one month after its start, The only Italian event in SailGP, F50 Flying Boat Championship Which, on the fifth and sixth of next June, will witness each other Mar Grand Regatta Course Taranto with eight national teams on board The biggest sailing stars in the world: Olympic medals, world champions, ocean races mariners and winners inAmerica’s Cup From Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.

Melucci e France SailGP Team

To do the homage, Mayor Reynaldo Milucci Who made it clear, explaining why his administration had nominated Taranto to host a stage of SailGP This competition corresponds to the strategic role of Taranto as a maritime capital in the central Mediterranean, The only Italian regatta theater in the world spotlight. The founding idea of ​​SailGP is exactly the same as our vision of the future: young talent – the motto of tomorrow we build – is at the center of attention of great champions; Nature as the primary constituent value of the entire appearance; The most innovative and environmentally sustainable technologies As an engine around which the challenge moves between the different teams. SailGP is a perversion of what we’re building for Taranto That if it is chosen by such a complex and detailed organization, then it means that it is a city capable of dealing with the world. “

Sail debiase

“We are ready to welcome the largest sea show Italy has ever seen. The city – added by Milucci – will present itself as attractive, cultured, performative and brilliant and we are sure that the SailGP journey will be an unforgettable phase in terms of hospitality, landscapes and unique and exclusive history to inform visitors. ”

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Delegated in the presence of Julien di Biase, SailGP Chief Operating OfficerBy announcing previously signed agreements SailGP with Sky Sport and Ray Sport (The latter to broadcast live all the regattas of the Italian Grand Prix Sail), and the accent on an important clip: Taranto will be the second positive event on the climate impact. Through the #raceforthefuture program, SailGP is the first sporting organization to produce events with a positive impact on the climate, offsetting more than the carbon footprint of achieving the championship, and defending a world fueled by nature with the ultimate goal of Accelerating the Transition to Clean Energy. “

Sail GP 20133144

“We welcomed Taranto’s nomination due to the race track – confirmed De Biase – Ideal for holding boat races such as SailGP races, as well as for spaces available to accommodate the technical bases of different teams and the welcoming capacity of the racing village. The millennial history of the city and the possibility of contributing to its transition, Toward a new economic development model that strengthens the sea, they do the rest. “

Mayor Milucci and Julian de Biasi have urged before Affaritaliani.it – ​​Puglia, As they confirmed it The SailGP stop in Taranto will not be an intermittent event, But it aims to convert like Fixed and extended appointment over time. Confirmation already exists for the upcoming edition, it is understood that the observations and results recorded at the end of this first major event will be critical.


SailGP Race Village will be established in Taranto on the waterfront in the historic Marina di Italia, In the heart of the city, a location with stunning views of the Great Sea, an ideal location for the SailGP spectator area. Prepared in cooperation with Cellars of San Marzano And with the refreshment area, the Sweat Village You will have free access and will, in accordance with infection control regulations, be allowed to follow live regattas commentaries and attend award ceremonies for crews.

Methods for continuing the boat races have also been detailed, directly from the sea, by boat. Thanks to cooperate with Kyma Ambiente – Amat Spa You can take an official boat ride to watch the regattas up close. Two formulas have been suggested for this “An experiment on the water”, With tickets on sale from May 6: ‘Standard’ at € 34 and ‘Premium’ at € 68 which offers an exclusive location on the race perimeter as well as a selection of snacks and drinks on board. Finally, private owners and riders will be able, upon reservation, to moor near the competition area in the spectator area to follow the boat races.

More information about the SailGP event in Taranto Available at www.sailgp.com/races/it/italy-sail-grand-prix-event-page/

After congratulating the mayor for bringing this contest to town, President of the Puglia Region, Michelle Emiliano, Remember that Taranto vied with Alexandria in Egypt for primacy in ancient times It is an unusual area to define this race. Taranto is a group of sailors, workers, and professionals who, according to Spartan tradition, will never give up. SailGP is an adrenaline-pumping sports competition, at crazy speeds, with no environmental impact and emissions. Taranto acquires a role Decarbonization capital And reduce emissions. We also hope it will become the hydrogen center for energy transfer. Come to Taranto, every time I say these two words I get excited. Puglia is the team, and Taranto is one of the most exceptional and influential players. “

On the occasion, Mayor Milucci also introduced a twinning between the city and the France SailGP teamIn fact, the French boat will be decorated with the “Taranto Capitale di Mare” logo throughout all SailGP events until the end of the tournament.

sailgp in Taranto

In his speech, Francesco Bruni, “Flight Supervisor” on board the Japanese SailGP Team, noted that “Alle Bermuda was a great first experience in SailGP.”. The first leg of the second season was a huge hit; Despite all the limitations related to Covid, they managed to create a beautiful event. Our team is very tight knit and I really hope to make a good impression in Taranto within a month. When I was very young I raced in Taranto for the Italian Youth Championship with Laser Drift. I can’t wait to be back. I thank the mayor and management for bringing the event here, at some point of the year when the race is great in this part of Italy, we will find the warmth and the gentle breeze. “

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The absence of an Italian team in the second season of SailGP was one of the issues raised by his fellow countryman, the only sailor Among the stars of the ring: “It would be great to have an all-Italian team in this competition, we are working on it and I am one of the champions of this project. We have the technical characteristics and the human resources to do that, and I think it is quite possible. Supporting a city like Taranto will help us a lot and myself. Convinced that we can do it if we all commit ourselves. “

“SailGP – Powered by Nature” is a sailing tournament that competes for a better future, and promotes a world led by nature.. SailGP offers the best F50 cruising competition, in which national teams compete in short and intense courses, stadium races of the type boat races over the most famous bodies of water around the world. The winner of the second season of SailGP will receive a prize of $ 1 million. During the season’s eight events, the top athletes juggle international sailing aboard an identical high-speed, high-speed F50 boat capable of exceeding 50 knots (about 100 km / h).

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