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Hitman 3: Pride Season Trailer was released

Hitman 3, the latest chapter in the popular saga Assassin Produced by IO Interactive, it continues to engage players and really delight those in attendance. The last time we broke up with Targeting Especially for Agent 47 And this was Barbara Elizabeth Keating (Former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs of New Zealand). Today, the developers announced the latest addition to Seven Deadly Sins DLC: Season of Pride, which launches next week (May 10). It will replace the previous season of Avarice. Players will go deep into their mind Agent 47 Based on the mentioned sin, they will receive weapons and a new suit. The Pride Season will also include an escalation in Chongqing called ‘Abundance of PrideLike the previous season, it will contain drops that will be added during the event and that include unique items such as weapons and outfits bearing the “Pride.” There will also be unpublished contracts that users will be able to handle.

Hitman 3 is clearly not going to end its career with this novelty, On the other hand, there are seven deadly sins. Ira, Envy, Throat, Sloth and Lust are still waiting for us, and we can’t wait to see what IO Interactive has in store for us. Below you can see the custom trailer, and have fun!

Source: Gaming Bolt

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