Tanya May has become Head of Entertainment at Bild

Tanya May has become Head of Entertainment at Bild

In July, the “Hauptstadt – Das Briefing” newsletter from Gabor Stingarts Media Pioneer published the first report of May’s departure from Berda Verlag in Munich. So far, its destination has not been officially confirmed. May has been part of Bunte’s editor-in-chief for many years and has served as vice president for about ten years. She has provided many exclusive stories and interviews for Pont. For her, this move is also a return to Springer. She graduated from the Axel Springer School of Journalism and was a photo editor from 1999 to 2000. The position of head of the entertainment department became vacant because Sisi Benner Stenzel left Bild last year.

“After 21 years, for which I am so grateful, I am delighted to be returning to Bild,” says Tanya May, “and to the wonderful challenge of sharing my team’s entertainment skills and people’s exciting, surprising and exclusive stories. Strengthening the image on all channels.”

“The glamorous world of show and entertainment belongs to Bild. We are expanding tabloid journalism on all platforms,” ​​explains Julian Richelt, Bild’s editor-in-chief. “Tania Mae is one of the community’s leading journalists and has a wonderful sense of great and human stories. I am very pleased that she will now be sharing her exclusive insight into the world of celebrity with our readers and viewers.” dpa

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