Talking to Gemini in Google Message is now possible on almost every smartphone… almost everywhere

Talking to Gemini in Google Message is now possible on almost every smartphone… almost everywhere

It must be said that since the beginning of the year, to take advantage of the capabilities of Gemini in Google Messages, you had to own a Pixel smartphone or a high-end Samsung model (Galaxy S24, Z Fold/Flip 5, Galaxy S23…). This is no longer the case, and Mountain View, in an announcement dedicated to the arrival of Gemini in India, indicates that the assistant is published in messages on most Android smartphones. To benefit from it, you still have to meet some access conditions detailed by the American giant. So, you should have the latest version of Google Messages, logically, installed on a device with at least 6GB of RAM, which still rules out many entry-level models; RCS (Rich Communication Service) conversations must be enabled, and the language used on the smartphone must be English or French (in Canada). This last item rings a bell, because although there are many smartphones that can now access Gemini integration in messages, it is reserved for 165 countries, excluding France. France is not specifically targeted, as all EU countries are absent from the list published by Google, indicating restrictions linked to European legislation, most likely the General Data Protection Regulation. As such, it should be noted that conversations with Gemini are not end-to-end encrypted.

Gemini in messages why?

What exactly do we mean by Gemini integration in Google Messages? This includes the ability to talk to Google's AI directly within Messaging. When the service becomes available in our regions… which we have no doubt about, Google indicates “We are working hard to make it available to users in more languages ​​and more countries around the world.”. This will allow you to start a discussion with the AI ​​in the app, as if it were a traditional conversation. So you will have to click on Start a discussion, then on Gemini, and ask all kinds of questions to the artificial intelligence, with the possibility of attaching a photo to the discussions. Enough to facilitate access to quick answers.

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However, remember that the features offered by Gemini Nano are available to all users – they are gradually being rolled out in a few countries, including France – and allow access to the Magic Editor function. This translates into a tool for paraphrasing texts with various tones (formal, enthusiastic, etc.), which helps undecided users find the best way to write their messages.

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