François Berland lost a lot of money due to his destroyed house, the story of his real estate disaster

François Berland lost a lot of money due to his destroyed house, the story of his real estate disaster

The rest is after the announcement

In 2021 the movie Very very high grade It was released in cinemas. It is a French comedy in which we find Malha Bedia and Audrey Fleurot but also Ari Elmaleh and François Berleand. The latter, now 72 years old, continues to tour whenever he can, and remains passionate about his craft. On a personal level, he is also satisfied and has had the opportunity to welcome four children, Martin (born 1979) and Fanny (born 1983), from a previous relationship, and his twin daughters Adele and Lucy, born in

In fact, through the third season of an agency He explained in 2023 that he faces A A terrible real estate disappointment that caused you to lose a lot of money. Because, unlike others, François Berleand did not contact the Kretz family to find a new property, but to dispose of his farm in the Basque country, which had been under construction for years and in a disastrous state (see our slideshow). “I was promised extraordinary things and the companies I worked with all went bankrupt one after the other. Partners blame each other. After that, another company came and said they would take care of me. That was before the imprisonment and I am still waiting for them“, complained to the elder Martin Kretz. Faced with so much work, no buyer wanted to take over the farm.

François Berleand is deeply indebted for his home in the Basque Country

Then the Kretz family presented him with a solution: resell the house to a construction company. The problem is that François Berland would only have received 450,000 euros. A small amount for an actor who I invested almost double, i.e. 850 thousand eurosWho was decisive? “impossible. This is not even possible. I can't, I have a loan of 585 thousand euros and I want to pay it off. I can't afford to pay for this ruin anymore! I've been scammed! Moreover, I filed a complaint thanks to you. I have the bailiff's report, and I finally realize the seriousness of the matter“, was his reaction.

Finally, the actor accepted the offer he received through his personal network. “I have an offer from someone who knows the working principle well. He brought a lot of people and said to me: I will make you an offer between 680,000 and 600,000 euros“Ve said an agency. And then, in May 2023, after several months of filming, he gave the news. François Berleand has already found a buyer for his property. “The deal is expected to close during May. I bought it for €320,000 and had the work done for €520,000. I still lost money but I did damage limitation. From now on, I'll just rent“, he confided to TV 7 daysLifetime vaccination against purchase!

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