Suspension of Corona vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany

Suspension of Corona vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany

BAnd the Minister of Health Jens Span Stop all Corona vaccinations with the active ingredient Astra-Zeneca in Germany. This relates to the first and second vaccinations, the CDU politician announced on Monday. This is a professional, not a political, decision on the recommendation of the Paul Ehrlich Institute after new reports of cerebral thrombosis in connection with vaccination.

“It happened very rarely,” says Span. So far, seven cases that could be related to venous thrombosis have been reported, with more than 1.6 million vaccines now reported in Germany. Span added, “We are all well aware of the importance of this decision.” How many vaccinations are now canceled has remained open.

The European Medicines Agency A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health said that the agency will decide “whether the new results will affect the approval of the vaccine and how it will affect.” France and Italy put them down too Vaccinations With the Astra-Zeneca vaccine as a precaution. French President Emmanuel Macron and the Italian Medicines Agency announced Monday.

The Federal government It initially waived the suspension of Astra Zeneca vaccines after Denmark took the step on Thursday. And Copenhagen had indicated several cases of severe blood clots after vaccination with the vaccine. This was followed by Norway, Iceland, European Union countries, Bulgaria and Ireland, and Sunday evening the Netherlands. Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg have stopped using one batch of Astra-Zzeneca, and Romania has stopped using another batch.

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