Supplies for the crowd: a new movie with Elias Mubarak in a box

Supplies for the crowd: a new movie with Elias Mubarak in a box

07.05.2021 – 12:23

Love Things begins in 2022
Supplies for the crowd: a new movie with Elias Mubarak in a box

Photo: Konstantin Film Fairleigh / Violetta Grimm

Elias Mubarak is surrounded by the paparazzi in “Liebesdings”.

Fans of Elias Mubarak can look forward to it. Filming for his new movie “Liebesdings” has ended. The film is set to arrive in cinemas in 2022.

Fans of Elias Mubarak (38, “Fack ju Göhte”) can look forward to more supplies. In Berlin this week the last door to “Liebesdings” fell. In it, Mubarak plays the famous actor Marvin Bush, who escapes from the media and his past and gets involved in a tumultuous love story.

Mubarak explains: “I am looking forward to the cinematic release in early 2022 and I very much hope that cinemas will open again very soon, because cinema was and will remain the most beautiful place to watch a movie.”

“Cast the ultimate dream”

Alongside him, Alexandra Maria Lara (42) plays the villainous journalist Bettina Bamberger. “The crew is the ultimate dream,” says director and screenwriter Anika Decker (45). Lucie Heinze (33), Peri Baumeister (35), and Denis Moschitto (43) can be seen in other roles. “This film is a very personal project for me. In the context of the growing success of the far-right parties with their anti-gay and anti-gay world view, I would like to paint a free world in a comic way that we will discover with the main character Marvin.”

“Liebesdings” is the first collaboration between Anika Decker and Constantin Film as part of their exclusive contract. It will open in theaters February 17, 2022. Decker has previously written the scripts for the hit films “Keinohrhasen” and “Zweiohrküken”, among other things.

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