Supertrack: Thierry Triconnet took first place in his class in New Zealand

Supertrack: Thierry Triconnet took first place in his class in New Zealand

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Soon to be in his 60s, this member of the Sport Aventure club in Manville-sur-Rissele (Eure), near Pont-Audemir, never ceases to amaze us. Thierry TriconnetWith a total of 53 entries, equivalent to 7,053.763 kilometers Unusual sporting events Organized in different countries and continents, it has just taken another step forward by starting on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 4 a.m., Tarawera Ultra Trail UTMB What happened in Rotorua, New Zealand, please!

Distance 168 km

For information, the Tarawera Ultra-Trail by UTMB is a A major international event Which incorporates the calendar of the UTMB World Championships, the world's largest track and field circuit. The program includes four races: T Miler, the first event on the 163 km and 3800 meters of elevation gain from Fermin Field Cafero, T102 over 105 km and 2700 meters of elevation gain from Te Puia Rotoria, T50 on a 53 km course and 1200 meters elevation gain, The T21 is on a 23 km route with an elevation gain of 400 metres.

“All finishes are judged in Rotorua, where diverse trails cross exotic forests, lakes and waterfalls that follow a magnificent river through forest trails,” explains this La Noé-Poulain resident who of course chose the Queen's and most famous event's 15th edition, in fact. , 168 km with an altitude of 4200 metres…

A road made up of forest paths that is not always easy to follow. © TT

Maori atmosphere and perfect landscape

It's impossible for our intrepid trailer to go to the other side of the planet without participating in an “Amazing” race! It melted into a lump 500 beginnersThierry Triconnet admits that he was “deceived” by the magnificent landscape, completely alien to Europeans:

Maori culture was present everywhere, from the beginning with the haka in the beginning, to the end with the introduction of the toki, made of poonami – New Zealand jade -, a symbol of strength, courage and determination.

Thierry Triconnet

“And what can we say about the high-level organization, the kindness of the volunteers, the good quality of the supplies available…but also absolutely crazy, with the atmosphere of concerts, exhibitions and giant barbecues, depending on the mood of the audience.” concerned volunteers.

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As far as the racing is concerned, things went well overall, as is the case at many supertracks, a Big “less good” hit on the second night : “I couldn't drink or eat, nothing passed and everything came out,” comments Norman, who from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. had to reduce his pace, take a small nap to rest and leave, without having to face some problems. Doubt that.

Thierry Triconnet
Beautifully landscaped. © TT

Despite these setbacks, but ahead of his own road map, Thierry Triconnet finds there a reason for contentment that allows him to persevere. “Here's a good recipe for losing four kilograms in less than thirty hours,” says the person who… has gained three kilograms since then, jokingly! And for good reason, because at the last fill, a sip, or even a pint of ginger ale, can only be filled with goodness. Therefore, it is a useful drink that allows our runner to cover the last six kilometers in a relatively fast race.

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In the first 100

So in the end 27:16Thierry Triconnet crossed the finish line, taking first place 98th place out of 500 beginners Being sacred First in its class. “In short, everything is well and ends well, and I will never forget this wonderful race for a unique identity,” concludes the person who benefited during these 27 hours from the encouragement and attendance. His wife, Fabian “Without which I would not have done so well in this race.

From our correspondent Pierre Lecoq

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