February 29 Gas stations in New Zealand crashed

February 29 Gas stations in New Zealand crashed

Despite their extreme complexity, modern software is not immune to silly errors. In this leap year, February 29 does not fail to cause more or less serious problems.

It is a constant that, every four years, humanity has to deal with February 29th. If this extra day in February does not pose any particular problem for humans, this is not the case for programs that sometimes have difficulty taking into account this calendar peculiarity.

We do not drive cars on February 29th

On the PlayStation side, Electronic Arts' racing game Sports WRC failed thrill-seekers. The game simply crashed… and the solution was quite obvious: change the console date to March 1st! This is the advice Grant By EA on social networks, which fixed the bug.

more annoying, In New Zealand many motorists simply had to private From gas stations for a large part of the day! The reason was a bug related to the Cursed Day that affected the payment system: it was simply impossible to pay the full amount, and the terminals failed to calibrate properly on February 29.

The entire country is affected, as all automated gas pumps use the same drive technology developed by Invenco. However, the supplier maintained that his system was not at fault; Instead, we should look for the person responsible for the update made during the pandemic that caused the bug. The latter resolved around 7 p.m. Fortunately, service stations and employees were not affected.

Every leap year, more or less serious problems arise due to poor software programming. In 2016, for example, the baggage management system at Düsseldorf Airport became simply… to reject To do its job: More than 1,000 bags were deprived of their owners. In 2012, TomTom GPS devices couldn't do this Locate correctly, resulting in a gray screen with a no signal alert. See you on February 29, 2028!

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