Supermarket abandons packaging and sees a 300% increase in sales

Supermarket abandons packaging and sees a 300% increase in sales

The process is called “Food in the open” – Uncovered Food – was launched by Nigel Bond, a supermarket owner of the New Zealand mass distribution chain New World. The operation has been a huge success with customers, with sales of some products, such as red onions, increasing by 300%., He tells:

When we installed the new kiosks, customers were impressed. It reminded me of when I was a kid and went to the greengrocer with my dad, and I could smell the fresh citrus and green onions. By wrapping products in plastic, we deprive people of that experience.

Nigel Bond has worked in large-scale distribution for thirty years, and explains that although such projects can sometimes be disastrous, this one provoked “the most intense reactions among customers”. positive“Which he never received.

According to him, eight or nine other supermarkets in the New World have already done so I followed the example. But the hardest part is combating plastic pollution. Nigel Bond thinks so industrial They have a more important role to play than traders: “We are just brokers, we take what they give us.” The media Remember that every year in New Zealand, approximately 252,000 tons of plastic are thrown into nature.

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