Africa: Wireless transmission could revolutionize access to electricity

Africa: Wireless transmission could revolutionize access to electricity

It is an innovation that will revolutionize the electricity sector in the coming years. Wireless transmission of electricity is now possible. This solution was developed by Emrod Energy, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company will present its solution on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, during the Africa Energy Forum (AEF), Africa's major energy event that is being held online this year due to restrictions related to Covid-19.

“The ability to transmit high-power electricity without any cables will be a game-changer for the continent (Africa). This means barriers to access to electricity are removed, and Africa can be fully electrified within 10 years. This is the technology that millions of people have been waiting for for a long time.” “ This is what Simon Gosling, managing director of EnergyNet, the AEF regulator, said.

A boon for rural Africa

In the technology developed by Emrod Energy, electricity is transmitted via Electromagnetic waves over long distances. This innovation could be a boon to Africa, which is still developing its electricity infrastructure. In addition, remote areas are rarely connected to the grid due to the high cost of building transportation facilities.

If residents of rural areas depend largely on off-grid, new wireless transmission technology could accelerate the electrification of these areas, which is sometimes considered unprofitable for the national power grid. “Methods of generating and storing electricity have evolved dramatically over the past century, but the transmission of electricity has remained virtually unchanged since Edison, Siemens and Westinghouse introduced the first wired copper power grids 150 years ago.” EnergyNet notes.

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Technology without health risks?

The organizer of the African Energy Forum believes that by significantly reducing the costs of electricity transmission infrastructure, Emrod Energy's technology makes it possible to help isolated communities, such as in Africa, by giving them access to cheap and sustainable energy to power schools, hospitals and healthcare centres. . The economy in general. The company that provides wireless electricity transmission technology has signed an agreement with New Zealand's public utility Powerco to wirelessly transmit a few kilowatts of electricity. This capacity must increase gradually.

The next task for Emrod Energy is to prove that its technology for transmitting electricity by electromagnetic waves does not pose a risk to the health of residents, plants and animals. At this point, nothing has been won yet.

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