Super Rugby New Zealand and Australian: Live TV match dates from April 23-25

Super Rugby Trans Tasman Regular Season: Live TV Schedules and Streaming Match on May 29

Tomorrow Saturday, May 29, the third day of the “Super Rugby Trans Tasman” tournament, which includes the best teams from New Zealand and Australia, with matches between two teams from different countries.

On the Sky it will be possible to attend two valid matches for the first phase of the regular season, which will end on June 12, which will be followed, a week later, by the final match at the title, which will see the classification of the first two matches. in the field.

In the first challenge, there will be leaders New Zealand Blues and Australia Brombies, who have accumulated just one point and two defeats so far. Starts at 9.05 AM, Live Streaming on Sky Sport Collection.

To continue, a meeting space between Australians RedsThe Super Rugby Champions at home and the New Zealanders HeadsRunner-up in the New Zealand Super Rugby Championship. The match aired lightly PostponedAlways available Sky Sports Group, starting from Ore 12.50,000.

Below is the schedule for Super Rugby Trans Tasman on Sky Sport and streaming on NOW

Saturday May 29 – regular season

(third day)

ore 9.05 Blues-Brumbies Sky Sport Collection Dereeta

(Commentary by Francesco Pierantozzi and Andrea de Rossi)

ore 12.50 The Sky Sport Collection by Reds Chiefs varies

(Commentary by Moreno Mola and Andrea de Rossi)

(Available on Sky Go, also in HD)

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