Six livers to remember from among the 33 competitors within the 500-mile radius of Indianapolis

Six livers to remember from among the 33 competitors within the 500-mile radius of Indianapolis

Different colors and sponsors for cars from the same team or even from race to race for the same car, IndyCar has very free regulations in terms of liveries for its cars, driven by the idea of ​​attracting the largest number of different cars sponsors throughout the season. With an entry of 33 unique cars and galleries, 500 miles of Indianapolis offer the largest variety of designs. We chose six for different reasons.

AJ Foyt team car. (Twitter @AJFoytRacing)

With their extra car lined up for 500 miles, AJ Foyt is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first victory of its legendary owner. JR Hildebrand, ten years after his first participation in the wall in the last corner when he was in the lead, found Foyt’s colors in 1961. In addition to the number 1. Therefore, it was necessary to order a small favor to the Chip-Ganassi team because he “bore” the number 1 For this season, after the Scott Dixon title in 2020. Since the New Zealander does not use it and prefers to keep his usual 9 number, the application was accepted without a problem.

Simon Pagenaud’s car is easily recognizable in Indianapolis. (Sea Owens / IndyCar)

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It is a historical livery of American motorsport, found in Indycar as well as NASCAR. This neon yellow is the Menards’ hallmark, a store franchise, and more handcraft even if you can find everything, founded by John Menards. Since 2016, Bajenaud has been successfully wearing these colors since he was crowned in 2019. Whether in peloton by the public or in mirrors, it is impossible to miss. Although Ed Jones (Dale Coyne) has a bit of neon yellow and teammate Scott McLaughlin accentuates the bright yellow Penzoil trim, nothing stands out like the Menards.

The cryptocurrency is offered on the Rinus VeeKay. (Dinar Cot / IndyCar)

Often focused on hugely popular ‘old’ brands, is IndyCar sponsorship taking a turn this year with the arrival of a ‘high-tech’ partner? Rinus VeeKay, winner of the Indianapolis Grand Prix on May 15, is shown very clearly with the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. And even if Bitcoin’s value has fallen dangerously low lately, the Indianapolis reversal will be a success as the Dutchman starts at the front line, providing light from the first wheels of the wheels.

A mix of papaya color and McLaren’s “tabby” design. (IndyCar)

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McLaren has been a classic since its return to Indycar, and has slowed down a bit with Swedish one-seat Felix Rosenqvist this year. The traditional papaya color is present but mixed with a “tabi” design. The inspiration came from the streetwear brand “Undefeated”, whose co-founder is called … James Bond. Too bad Rosenqvist just couldn’t turn the usual 7 into 007 for the occasion.

The United States Air Force (USAF) is shown on a Conor Daly vehicle. (IndyCar)

The pre-race 500-mile race still focused on patriotism and tradition. Some cars, too. So Connor Daly will be dressed in US Air Force car number 47 again. To celebrate this, the pilot took a photo with the B52 bomber. Likewise, Tony Canaan (Chip Ganassi) will appear with “American Legion”, a non-governmental organization that cares for American veterans but has the distinction of being founded in … Paris in 1919.

The colors of the soft drink and supermarket chain inspired the Santino Verucci car. (IndyCar)

With his adventures in Formula 2 and his extremely aggressive style, the Jeep Driver (1.63m) attracted a partner who loves to break out of the ordinary: the hugely popular Mountain Dew soda in the United States, worn by NBA players and racing players. Drivers in their ads. This results in a distinctive half-soda green and half-glossy red for the HyVee supermarket. It might be an aesthetically questionable choice for the # 45 Santino Ferrucci, but it won’t go unnoticed.

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