Strict containment or advanced curfews and limited travel on weekends

Strict containment or advanced curfews and limited travel on weekends

Consult the Governor of Reunion before making a decision. First, the mayors, then the socio-economic players, and finally the government, by the end of the week Jacques Pelant could decide to toughen his tone.

With the infection rate above 2,600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Reunion is facing the meteoric development of the coronavirus pandemic. In one week, the indicators doubled, and the number of new cases increased from 9,358 to 16,256. The capacity of the hospital is under great pressure, and this is another factor that is taken into account as part of strengthening measures.

Hospital high voltage capacity

As of January 11, 90 Covid Medicine beds were contained among 97 open beds and 50 intensive care beds out of 100 open beds. Hospitals are beginning to deprogram operations so they can increase reception capacity in intensive care and Covid medicine.

The first operating theater closures were carried out at CHU and CHOR to increase the capacity to 100 intensive care beds. The Omicron variant is now the majority in Reunion, causing a saturation of the local care offer, notes the county and regional health agency.

Strict containment or gradual measures

To deal with this Omicron wave, the Governor of Reunion decided to strengthen measures to combat the spread of the virus from January 1. The department, then under a state of health emergency since December 28, had a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., in effect through Jan. 23.

Actions that Jacques Pelant would like to tighten due to the situation, explains Serge Hoareau. On Wednesday January 12th the weekly meeting was held with the mayors. Thus several ways have been mentioned, “ From total confinement to more advanced measures, such as booking at the weekend with authorized trips within 10 km and reducing the curfew to 6 pm or 7 pm during the week. “

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Decision to be considered before the weekend

Mayor Petite-Ile supports the introduction of progressive measures. ” There are still hypotheses ”, insists the president of the Union of Mayors of Reunion Island and Petit El City Council. The inter-ministerial crisis unit should meet tomorrow, Thursday, January 13.

According to the mayor of La Possession, the governor of Reunion has not yet met with the economic players on Wednesday. Strengthening measures could be announced too soon for implementation from this weekend, according to Vanessa Meranville.

It is more suitable for the “difficult scenario”. According to information provided by the coalition last Wednesday, ” We went to 5,000 cases a day, between yesterday and today we have nearly double ‘ says Vanessa Meranville. We can’t wait, the hospital system is really saturated “,” We can only reopen extra beds if we have reinforcements from the patriot, which was never recorded ‘, adds the mayor of La Possession.

She wants strong measures before going back to school, and remembers that Reunion is currently going through a very important tourist influx. In Saint Joseph, 4,000 vehicles are counted daily in Langevin”, It’s more than ever even on weekends in previous years ‘ insists Vanessa Meranville.

Advanced curfew and travel is limited to 10 km on weekends

If the Governor of Reunion chooses the harsh scenario, confinement can be applied throughout the week. On the other hand, if Jacques Pelant prefers progressive measures, a curfew can be introduced, taking effect at 6 pm or 7 pm.

Reunionese movements may also be restricted on weekends. Partial containment will therefore be established, which will limit travel to a circumference of 10 kilometers around the house on Saturday and Sunday.

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On July 31, 2021, the Governor of Reunion has already made such choices. The confinement was first applied to the whole week, then it was replaced, from 2 September, with a curfew from Monday to Friday and partial confinement with a 10-kilometer restriction of trips on weekends. This last measure was lifted on September 15, 2021.

Back to school on the horizon

AMDR President Serge Houaro noted the increasing number of families affected by the Covid epidemic and the increase in the number of deaths. Mayors are already concerned about the start of the school year, which is scheduled for January 24, explains Petite-Ile City Council member.

He insists that in addition to the health protocol, already in place in Reunion excluding tests, the lack of staff, who is also a victim of pollution, raises questions about the proper functioning of schools.

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