directly.  Covid: “Infection is equivalent to an injection in the past and vice versa,” says Olivier Veran

directly. Covid: “Infection is equivalent to an injection in the past and vice versa,” says Olivier Veran

Follow regional, national and international information live on the Covid-19 pandemic, this Wednesday, January 12th.

– 8:30 a.m.: “The Omicron variant is so contagious that it necessarily spreads”

“The Omicron variant is so contagious that it necessarily spreads, but we do not allow it to spread,” the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, announced on Wednesday January 12 on franceinfo.

“When we make 370,000 diagnoses on a given day, we can consider that there are probably as many as a million – or just under – people who get it.”

In particular, the pressure of the hospital, which is being examined, is determined to the minister: “We are monitoring the situation in the hospitals like milk is burning.”

He added that the government is counting on the “hypothesis” of “a decrease in the number of injuries” in the coming days, as is the case in the United Kingdom.

ud83d udde3 Covid-19: The government is counting on the “hypothesis” to “reduce the number of infections” in the coming days, as in the UK, assures Olivier Veran, Minister of Solidarity and Health.

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– franceinfo (@franceinfo) January 12 2022

“The level of immunity is very high in our country,” the minister assured.

Prior to selection: “An equivalent shot for a past infection”

After the fact that this wave could be the last: “When I say maybe the last wave, it should be noted that if a new variable arrives, it may not be the last.”

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“Every time we change the rules there is an effect on the vaccination and on the first injections…”

“A permit to vaccinate will in any case be limited in time, it goes hand in hand with a health emergency.”

8:10 a.m.: Quebec will soon force unvaccinated people to pay tax

Quebec has decided, within a few weeks, to introduce a new tax that must be paid by non-vaccinators.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said Tuesday, January 11th, that “adults who refuse to be vaccinated are a financial burden for all Quebecers” and that this so-called “health contribution” tax will be paid by the 10% who are not vaccinated to “harm” 90% of Quebecers. vaccinate people.

8 a.m.: Novak Djokovic, under expulsion, admits to making ‘mistakes’

Novak Djokovic admitted on Wednesday, January 12, that he made “mistakes” in filling out the form in Australia and in his behavior after he tested positive for Covid-19 in December, while his participation in the Australian Open is still pending.

In a message posted to Instagram, the world’s number one unvaccinated tennis player said his team had provided additional information to Australian authorities, who are considering canceling his visa and deporting him.

“We live in tough times with a global pandemic, and sometimes mistakes happen,” said Djokovic, who is currently training for the Australian Open from Monday.

The 34-year-old was seen in public in Belgrade the following day on December 16, when he tested positive, according to information he provided to Australian immigration officials.

Claiming to be a victim of “disinformation” that he considers “extremely harmful” to his family, he explained that when he appeared in public on December 17, he had not yet received his test result, and had taken the test. .

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– 7:30 a.m.: Senate removes vaccination card

The Senate, which is examining the bill related to the vaccination card, decided on the night of Tuesday, January 11, to Wednesday, January 12, the possibility of identity verification for directors of places and activities subject to the vaccination card. For bearer, as provided in the text.

The procedure was modified by the senators through a series of ten amendments.

However, members will be able to reinstate this ruling at a later time.

– 7:15 am: 21,086 new pollution daily in Occitanie

In its latest epidemiological bulletin, ARS Occitanie reports average 21,086 new daily cases. she counts There are still 1,885 hospital admissions going on (+21 in 4 days) Sorry 71 new deaths linked to covid during the same time period.

7 am: 368,149 new cases per day in France

On Tuesday, January 11th, the French Ministry of Public Health reported, 368149 new pollution In 24 hours, which is a record.

With 3,969 patients in intensive care, more 23,000 hospital admissions And 270 deaths.

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