Strasbourg invites itself to the podium

Media365 Editorial Staff, posted on Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 4:53 pm.

By dominating Monaco (1-0), RC Strasbourg (temporarily?) climbed to the top of the French Ligue 1 podium on Sunday afternoon.

Strasbourg greeted Monaco with the ambition of staying close to the podium. Julian Stefan’s men stayed in three straight league draws and remained stagnant between fifth and tenth. The Principality Club wanted to get closer to the top five by seeking the three points in Alsace. The first period of the match was very closed, and the fact of the match sealed the result of this match with a huge refereeing error.

Mastering Strasbourg

Strasbourg midfielder Ibrahima Sissoko sprinted down the right at the Monaco camp and crossed. Monaco defender Ismail Jacobs blocked the ball. The latter left the atmosphere of play and did not see the assistant referee. Frederick Gilbert kicked a corner kick. The ball was extended at the near post by Ludovic Ajurki and Kevin Gameiro at the far post. Ghanaian defender Alexandre Dzeko inherited the leather and experimented with scissors that tricked himself by the same name, German Alexander Noble janitor of Monaco (1-0, 24). When they returned from the locker room, he pushed the people of Strasbourg into hiding at first through Sangin Persic. Served by Bosnian midfielder Jan Rickner Bellegaard, he took control of the ball with a flat foot in the Monaco penalty area. The visiting goalkeeper managed to withdraw this attempt in two stages (1-0, 57).

Half an hour later, French striker Ludovic Ajurki headed the ball to the near post. And his swerving on the crossbar ended with the visiting goalkeeper’s goal (2-0.63). The Monegasques tried to get a tie in this complex game of the match for them. And they played on Thursday evening in the European League with a loss against Portugal in Braga (2-0) in the first leg of the round of 16. Myron Boadaux’s (1-0, 74) chances and Alexandre Golovin’s (1-0, 86) chances didn’t result in an achievement for The Rock players. This setback takes the club from the emirate away from the podium and is its primary target. Their opponent, aiming to temporarily preserve, occupies the famous third place.

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