Four Mirage 2000-5F aircraft take off from Luxeuil to provide "Sky Police" in Estonia

Four Mirage 2000-5F aircraft take off from Luxeuil to provide “Sky Police” in Estonia

Finally check the three additional kerosene tanks to make sure they are connected properly and do the last checks in the cockpit. Commander Michael makes the final ride of his Mirage 2000-5F before taking off on the Sky Police mission above Estonianeighboring country Russia. They are four of the hunting group “Cigognes” for take-off Sunday morning from Luxeuil-Saint-Sauveur (Haute-Saône) Air Force Base, as part of a mission NATO To “participate in the observation and defense of the airspace of the Baltic states,” the General Staff of the Armies identified on its Twitter account.

The goal: “to be the eyes of the NATO crew”, in particular “to provide them with additional real-time information, and tactics, on board the aircraft”, explains Commander Michael, just before boarding his apparatus. Earlier in the morning, the four pilots listened carefully to the briefing to get their flight plan and the latest weather data. During their journey, they will fly over GermanyPoland and the Baltic Sea, landed two and a half hours later in Estonia.

The Four Mirages are unarmed

After the briefing, the four pilots left to prepare for their flight: they donned their waterproof suits, which are essential “in the event of an overwater ejection.” Furthermore, they wore an anti-G suit to counteract the effects of acceleration on the body and a combat jacket. Then they go to the hangar where the planes stand for a final inspection of their planes. The mission of the “sky police” in the Baltic states will take four months. When they leave Luxeuil, the four Mirage 2000-5s are not armed, but they can be armed in Estonia, where about a hundred French soldiers are on loan.

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Russian attack in Ukraine It deeply worries the countries of Eastern Europe, from Poland to Romania. To reassure them, the United States sent thousands of additional soldiers there. France has also deployed additional forces in Romania and is helping to strengthen airspace control, particularly in Poland. The vigil became stronger a week after the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, in which four Russian fighter jets violated the airspace of Sweden, which is not a member of ‘NATO’.

After a trouble-free flight, the four French Mirage planes landed in Estonia at midday, staff said on Twitter, and posted a video of their landing.

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