Storm Louis hits Belgium, and many provinces are on orange alert

Storm Louis hits Belgium, and many provinces are on orange alert

Belgium is once again experiencing a major meteorological disturbance. Storm Louis will bring heavy rains in the south of the country and very strong winds throughout Belgium.

Indeed, Storm Louis is crossing Belgium this Thursday. For this reason, the Royal Institute of Meteorology (IRM) has placed several areas on orange alert for the risk of violent winds of up to 110 km/h. The strongest winds will occur in the late afternoon and evening. It should be between 80 and 110 km/h in many places, very temporarily and very locally, especially during heavy rain (storm). Therefore there is a risk of damage. The probability of exceeding 100 km/h over a sufficient area is estimated to be at least 65% in counties coded orange.», notes IRM on its website. The orange alert concerns the provinces of Hainaut, Antwerp, West and East Flanders, Walloon, Flemish Brabant, Limburg, Brussels and the entire coast.

Storm Louis: Wallonia affected by a rainfall warning

The rest of the country is under yellow alert due to the danger of strong winds. In addition to the strong wind alerts, Wallonia is also affected by a yellow precipitation alert. Our forecast in the southern half of Luxembourg province and very locally in southern Namur is 20-45 mm until midnight. “, indicated the MRI. After Thursday, which was characterized by strong winds and rain in some areas, the weather will become drier from midnight. In addition to the rain, the winds will also lose intensity. Indeed, Storm “Louis” will gradually leave Belgian territory, thus giving way The area is subject to moderate wind speeds not exceeding 60 km/hour.

However, the weekend should also be affected by weather disturbances. The country is expected to witness rainy weather accompanied by moderate winds during the next few days. Strong winds and rain should also be accompanied by a sharp drop in mercury. In fact, it is possible that temperatures suitable for the return of flakes will drop, and some snow will fall at heights above 400 metres. ” Expect at least 10 days of unsettled and gray weather », refers to the Royal Institute of Meteorology (IRM).

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