In Ukraine, North Korean missile debris reveals Western components

In Ukraine, North Korean missile debris reveals Western components

Western components in North Korean missiles used in Ukraine. British researchers from Conflict Armament Research analyzed the wreckage of a North Korean missile that crashed near Kharkiv, Ukraine, in January 2024. According to their report, part of the electronic components of the missile came from American, German, or even Dutch companies.

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With our regional correspondent Celio Fioretti

This report represents the first clear identification of foreign components in the North Korean regime's missiles. After studying 290 components extracted near Karkhiv in January, nearly 75% of them came from American companies. 16% will come from European companies, especially German, Dutch and Swiss.

Modern components

All of these components are very recent, having been produced between 2021 and 2023. British researchers highlight the speed of assembly of the North Korean missile. The latter did not publish the names of the companies involved. According to them, it is likely that these electronic components were not exported to Kim Jong-un's regime voluntarily, but were resold to North Korea. north korea By third party companies.

These discoveries once again demonstrate the difficulty of implementing economic sanctions affecting the North Korean regime. Although a Military unit And the missile launched by Joe Biden to monitor the trade in components that can be used in missile development, North Korea is still able to fuel its military program. It is possible that sending missiles to Ukraine will be a real test for the North Korean regime.

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