Stephen Henry was originally from Liegel, and had coached a bronze team at the Tokyo Olympics

Stephen Henry brought back the Tokyo bronze thanks to Donovan Grundin and Benjamin Thomas over the American (© France Télé screenshot)

There was little eagle (orni) NS Tokyo Olympics 2020 It was on the side of the ring to look at. It has long been licensed in VC AiglonAnd Stephen Henry is current Endurance coach for the French cycling team.

In May, Laiglon returned to his hometown to join Team Laiglon, which promotes the sport. On this occasion, he explained, “The postponement of the Olympic Games gave the athletes another year to prepare which is rather a good thing for this fairly young group.”

As for the best chance for a French medal, Benjamin Thomas, the coach felt “better than he did a year ago”.

Benjamin Thomas, the Omnium world champion, has yet to confirm his status in the event. On the other hand, he met the American in a duet with Donavan Grunden.

The two men took the bronze and allowed the French endurance team, coached by Stephen Henry, to take their only medal.

bold tactic

Once the pistol’s bullet made the start, Benjamin Thomas and Donavan attacked Gronden in hopes of taking a turn in the peloton and getting valuable points in their pockets (see rules in the box). The British, Italians and Dutch reacted and returned to France, which nevertheless took points in the middle enemy.

Stephen Henry brought home the bronze thanks to Donovan Gronden and Benjamin Toma over the American
A medal and a French record for Stephen Henry at the head of the French endurance team (© France Télé screenshot)

Halfway through, Stephen Henry’s players were in full agreement with the medal pointing to third place. There they decided to return to the offensive. During about forty laps, the French had a few meters ahead of the peloton. It is enough to win three quick races and get back to the top step of the podium.

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Boring, the French allowed the Danish team to return to the lead. As the final race of the race approached, the duo finished second, ahead of the British. But the duo from across the Tour had an excellent final run and finished first in the last race as the points doubled.

Returning with the French, the British took the silver medal in the tiebreak. The place in the final race was a peace justice to choose between a bound couple.

France record in pursuit

The French pursuit team consisted of Victoire Bertou, Marion Borras, Valentin Fortin and Marie Le Net. If they only finished seventh, their games would be largely successful. Indeed, the quartet moved the French record into another dimension. He was 4’17” 372 before the games and Stephen Henry had set a target of 4’14 or 4’13 if all went well. From the playoffs, the team hit a big hit: 4’12” 502. With its momentum, the team broke that record twice to finish with 4’10” 388. Seven seconds better than the previous record!

Complicated beginnings by Benjamin Thomas

But for coach Liegel, the games didn’t start well. His first chance for a medal was with Benjamin Thomas in omnium. Which we also find on road cycling within Groupama-FDJ, he missed his target and ended up at the foot of the podium. Fortunately, the disappointment quickly faded after a few days with the American. It must be said that the Omnium scenario was tough. In the last event, Benjamin Thomas was in the match for a medal.

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They were even four in three places. But out of nowhere, New Zealander Campbell Stewart took a lap by just two laps. With sprint points accumulating, he finished second on the podium. Italy’s Elia Viviani finished third and Benjamin Thomas failed at the foot of the podium.

Zero medals for girls

In America, duo Mary Lou Knit and Clara Cobone did well by vying for the bronze medal midway. The event was at the same time outrageously dominated by Great Britain who won the Grand Prix in almost all of the middle speed races.

46 laps from the end, the French team was trying everything in the lap and ran away hoping to take a lap in the peloton. But the work was not crowned with success. Even worse, after a few laps, Russia and Denmark scored what the French missed and took 20 synonymous points. The podium was moving so far away from France that they had to hope for an unlikely combination of circumstances in their last sprint to slip to the podium. without success. France ranked fifth.

On the last day, Clara Cobone was listed in the omnibus. The Frenchman managed a small feat by winning the very impressive Elimination Tour. However, it is not enough to make up for the backlog accumulated in other disciplines.

The 22-year-old French player finished eighth in the final standings, and like all this young team from France that was chosen, she set a date for the Paris 2024 Games.

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