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Rugby League final without spectators in New Zealand despite Australian hopes

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, on Monday, showered the hopes of Australia, who wanted the rugby league final to be held in the presence of spectators in Auckland. Representatives of the Australian League (NRL) have raised the possibility of holding the meeting in the legendary Eden Park, in Auckland, to avoid the massive financial loss that could result from a match played in an empty stadium due to the renewed Covid-19 epidemic in Australia.

Thus, the rugby league is requesting an exemption from quarantine similar to the exemption obtained by the Australian rugby union team who faced the All Blacks in Auckland. The recent emergence of epidemics in Australia has led New Zealand to commentbubble» Air with its Australian neighbour. However, the Wallabies were allowed to travel to New Zealand last week thanks to the economic exemption.

The cost of the meetings that were to be held in New Zealand is between 17 and 20 million New Zealand dollars (10 to 12 million euros). “The economic consequences lie at the root of these exemptions and can ultimately benefit from themAndrew Abdo, NRL general manager, told reporters.

Ms Ardern noted that the exemption granted to the Wallabies was exceptional and announced that players who will compete in the National Rugby League Final will be quarantined for two weeks like everyone else. She indicated that the rugby team came a week after announcing the suspension of “air bubble». «It’s over nowShe added. “NRL teams should be isolated like all New Zealanders coming from Australia».

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The schedule of the meeting can also be crucial. Australian televisions called for a late kickoff, causing the meeting to end around midnight as residents of the Eden Park neighborhood object to any late-night noise. “If NRL makes an offer for us, I’m sure we’ll give it all the attention we need.Mrs. Ardern said. “These are all factors we will evaluate, and it will be a tough orderTo please, the prime minister stressed.

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