Start menu and taskbar disabled...due to an advertisement

Start menu and taskbar disabled…due to an advertisement

Microsoft released the update last Thursday 22000.176 Inside the beta channel Windows 11 for Insider Program members. Unfortunately for the testers, not everything went as planned.

When they rebooted their computer, the Windows 11 wallpaper answered, but the Start menu and taskbar were absent from the subscribers. The only solution for insiders is to use the task manager and command prompt to navigate the operating system.

An ad for Teams caused the problem

But Microsoft was quick to respond. employment his blogRedmond indicated that they were working on the bug and at the same time were invited to perform some manipulations to correct the problem. Microsoft did not provide details of the cause for concern and simply stated that it was due to server-side inconvenience at the time the update was published.

The reason was actually quite different. Daniel Alexandersen, developer and blogger, analyzed the problem and determined the cause. Microsoft broke the start menu and taskbar in Windows 11 due to the introduction of an advertisement for Teams in its operating system.

Also to discover the video:

How can a simple ad bring Windows 11 to its knees? Quite simply because the Microsoft operating system has a lot of stuff that downloads online content on the go to make it work. In this specific case, the issue with the Teams ad download was enough to crash Windows 11.

Source : control the blog

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