Playing for two hours loses up to 470 calories, like an hour of riding a bike -

Playing for two hours loses up to 470 calories, like an hour of riding a bike –

I Video Games Is it good or bad for your health? The debate may never be closed, but now is one studio Scientifically states that you will lose up to the maximum 470 calories in 2 hours from the game. Basically, this is equivalent to an hour of cycling or 1,000 crunches.

The study was conducted by Stakester, a sports platform that allows you to earn money and prizes by playing. Specifically, the study was conducted on the basis of 50 volunteers who played for two hours in FIFA e Call of Duty Warzone. Male candidates lost 420 calories in two hours, while women lost 472 calories over the same time period.

You might think this is a strange result, but there were already previous tests, in 2020, that they carried out Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. According to research, gamers have a 21% better chance of attaining a healthy weight than the average population.

FIFA seems to make you lose calories

“We all know that competition increases our heart rate and many of us have experienced the ‘video game sweat’ that occurs when looking for a last minute goal while playing ‘FIFA’ or facing a difficult situation in ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone'” he explained Tom Ferry, CEO and founder of Stakester in Men’s Health magazine. “I was expecting it to show there was calorie expenditure, but I was surprised by the amount of calories burned.”

It’s obviously about one study Using a relatively limited sample of research, but it may be the basis for broader testing. Moreover, we must not forget that apart from calorie loss, a video game session certainly does not train the body as much as real physical exercise: calorie loss is not the only factor to consider. Additionally, doctors often report that players tend to eat unhealthy foods and drinks during gaming sessions, thus eliminating calorie loss and harming their long-term health.

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However, a Call of Duty Warzone session is always a good idea, and here is the playlist update on September 2nd.

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