Starfield is a 'Skyrim from space' and 'Han Solo simulator', according to Bethesda

Starfield is a ‘Skyrim from space’ and ‘Han Solo simulator’, according to Bethesda

Description of Todd Howard and Ashley Cheng from Bethesda starfield as “Skyrim from space” and “Han Solo simulator”, respectively.

In an interview with launcher After the premiere in the engine (for review in this news) during the E3 Xbox/Bethesda conference, Bethesda Game Studios executive producer Todd Howard summed up the game by saying, “It’s like Skyrim from space.”

Howard explains, saying that Bethesda has wanted to make a pure sci-fi game for a long time, but the studio hasn’t been able to find the right technology to make their vision a reality. “We’ve known for a while that if we do anything else and when we do anything else, it’s going to be science fiction,” says Todd Howard. The team really wanted to create their own universe, so they put together a timeline detailing nearly 300 years of scientific progress, to chart how humanity would reach the future that Starfield suggested. “

Much like the Skyrim reference, Bethesda director Ashley Cheng uses another great reference to talk about the game: “To me, Starfield is like a solo Han simulator. Get on board, explore the galaxy, and have fun.” Just like in Star Wars, you’ll also have robot companions – the robot in the trailer is called Vasco (like the explorer Vasco da Gama.)

Todd Howard précise que Starfield s’attaquera à « de grandes questions », tout en proposant des idées sur l’origine du temps et de l’univers, sur la position de l’humanité dans l’univers, le rôle de la religion dans all of this.

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Starfield for PC and Xbox Series X/S is set for 2022.

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