Starfield: A New Planet Revealed in the Xbox Game Pass Trailer |  Xbox One

Starfield: A New Planet Revealed in the Xbox Game Pass Trailer | Xbox One

Bethesda has lifted the lid on a new role-playing game slated for release next year. starfield It is definitely one of the most awaited Xbox games at the moment, and in a secret video a new game sequence has been revealed.

A new planet and strange black metal

To see these few seconds of new features, you have to focus on the video below that highlights some of the upcoming PC Game Pass games, including Starfield. These are two new sequences that challenge us today.

At first, we discover an environment that we have not seen before. This is made of rocks, but we can also see tall trees on either side of the character walking in the middle, all under a starry sky with an oddly colorful atmosphere.

In the second, you find a male character in a suit in a very dark environment where various black and cubic metals are floating before his hand tries to snatch a piece.

That’s it ? Yes, that’s it, but we’ll stick with that for now because Bethesda definitely won’t be showing the game every day since it’s only slated to release in the first half of 2023. If you want to know more about the game, its environments, planets, age, battles or the way Play it, feel free to read our profile. All about Starfield.

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