Stanislas Cazelles: "Protect Yourself to Avoid Taking More Important Measures"

Stanislas Cazelles: “Protect Yourself to Avoid Taking More Important Measures”

Thursday January 6 2022 – 4:39 pm

While confirming that the contamination with the Coronavirus has spread in recent days, the governor of Martinique, in addition to the collective control measures taken this weekend, calls on everyone to show “individual responsibility” and review the compilation of their projects.

A necessary step to avoid going any further. This Thursday (January 6), Martinique Governor Stanislas Cazel revealed in detail Actions taken during the blue weekend. For him, the goal is clear: to “reduce and regulate” the Covid-19 pollution that has exploded in recent days. No more “doubling up” before and after the holidays (Also read it in France and the Antilles this weekend, January 7, 8 and 9.)

In the face of the onset of the fifth wave and the development of the Omicron variant, specific controls will be strengthened throughout the weekend to ensure compliance with health measures.

Review your reassembly projects.

The state representative is calling on residents to review the “regroupment projects” or look at them “differently this weekend.” “There is no inevitability, collective measures and individual responsibility can protect us and avoid going to later stages where no one wants to go.”

Stanislas Kazels has made no secret of the fact that the topic of containment has been “put on the table” this week with elected officials, economic players and the medical field. A hypothesis he wishes to avoid at all costs.

We listen to it here:

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