DIRECT - Coronavirus: Easing the health protocol in schools

DIRECT – Coronavirus: Easing the health protocol in schools

France is facing a fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has prompted the government to take new measures. Follow here all the news related to the health situation in France or in the world.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has orphaned about 98,000 children in Peru, the government of the world’s poorest country announced Thursday in relation to its total population.

“Our country is unfortunately one where nearly 98,000 children have lost their father, mother or guardian during the pandemic,” Minister for Women’s Affairs, Anahi Durand, said, based on figures published by the medical journal The Lancet.

“We have a sad record of being the country with the highest number of children missing a father and a mother,” she added.


On Thursday, the Ministry of National Education announced that the number of closed classes this week had risen to 9,202, the highest level since the spring of 2021.

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Matignon has decided to relax a recently-enforced school health protocol that requires students to take three tests (D0, D + 2, D + 4) for every new positive case discovered in their class within a specified period of time. Less than seven days. From now on, this path will be valid throughout the week, even if new cases appear in the days following the first case.

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