Stable Ride Wildenstein - Jacomo and the Wolf

Stable Ride Wildenstein – Jacomo and the Wolf

Rick (Clara Deutschmann) has an unexpected encounter on the run: a wolf appears for a moment – and ensures that Sabine (Patricia Olitzky), an inexperienced riding student, is sent off. However, Rike’s own understanding does not allow her to be suspicious of the horse. She knows that: Sensitive animals reflect people’s feelings and react uncontrollably if they lack confidence. Nor did Ryck make a hasty judgment when Sabine Kaspar’s husband (Michael A. Grimm) found several dead sheep on his farm. Of course, the suspicion rests on the immigrant wolf and any of his intentions! At the meeting of the society, which was called in a short time, the purists, wanting to seize their weapons at once, and the conservationists clashed. Young wolf-hunter Moretz (Max Walkie), who recently lives in a nearby log cabin and is working to reintroduce this nearly extinct species, is having a hard time. Rick is confident in his assessment that shy predators pose no danger to humans. Moritz’s “Horse Whisperer” learns how to approach wolves in a sensitive way – and fight for them.


Music: Siggy Muller, Jörg Magnus Weil
Camera: Eckhard Janssen
Book: Andrea Stoll
Directed by Josh Brooker

the actor

Rick Wildenstein: Clara Deutschmann
Dr. Georg Stadelmeier: Helmfried von Luetschau
Elsa Wildenstein: Uli Meyer
Michi: Michaela May
Sabine Hauser: Patricia Olitzky
Caspar Hauser: Michael A. grimm
Moritz Leitner: Max and Wilkie
Jan Mayer: Stephen Paul
Tabia: Neil Tripes
Horst Dieter Mosbruck: Heinz Joseph Braun
Primary School Dean: Katharina Klavs
Kindergarten Director: Laura Egger
Farmer Friedel: Fritz Scheuermann
Village Woman Anna: Leah Urban
Concerned Mother: Anna Kaminsky
and others

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