Sports and Raffaella Carrà-

Sports and Raffaella Carrà-

In the traditional search engine ranking, the sport stands out with the First Division, European Championships, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Space, between characters, also for politics with Draghi and Conte. In “What does this mean?” Curiosity and interest in rights

Rolling ball will save us from covid. From football, if we stay in Italy, or younger, from cricket, if we look at the whole world. This is what emerges from the traditional classifications of google browser relating to the conditions contained in 2021 show peak Searches Compared to 2020 (not the most sought-after in an absolute sense, therefore).

As mentioned, in hottest Both Italian and universal, the cursed virus (for which a dedicated classification has been assigned) is not the main virus, but sports. There are two considerations that need to be made: the return of competitions after the pandemic has stopped, during which the search for competitions and tournaments may have decreased, and perhaps the need to escape fears and restrictions has affected. The other aspect to consider is Google’s performance, which increasingly provides instant answers without having to click any link, especially when dealing with live events, and is thus the natural destination for those who want to know how things are going. Matches for any sport or want to stay up to date with rankings, calendars and results. In short, Google asserts itself as an answer engine, not a search engine: in 2020, two-thirds of searches Did not result in any clicks.

In the ranking: football in our country stands out, with league
Which resumed in June 2020 after the first wave of Covid was suspended and did not practically stop until May 2021. The 2021-2022 season started in August and gives life to an exciting four-way challenge to the top.

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follow the Europeans
2020, played in the summer of 2021, and no need to question the success of the competition even in BigG’s search bar (we won!).

In third place, the epidemic is showing one of its effects: distance learning, which can be supported through classroomIt is a service owned by Google itself.

The fourth most common term is Raffaella Cara, the unforgettable and unforgettable artist who died last July 5th, who also featured in the Farewell Order, is the artist dedicated to famous people who have disappeared.

In fifth place football returns, with Champions League
Despite the fact that the Italians did not make it past the round of 16 in the 2020-2021 season.

Football becomes tennis in sixth place, with Roland Garros Who saw Matteo Berrettini play until the quarter-finals.

It was June and Matteo did not know that in a month he would reach the final of the A Wimbledon
This helped bring the British Tennis Championships to eighth place.

Between the red ground of Paris and the grass of London, in seventh place, there are moments of panic because of Christian EriksenHe is the Danish player who fell to the ground during the match between his country and Finland in the European Championship in June.

In ninth place here is the cursed Covid with green lane
, a necessary tool for trying to contain the re-emergence of infection and is now an indispensable companion – even in its augmented version – of our daily lives.

ranking closes Matteo Berrettini
He is also the second most popular character after Eriksen in the Custom Ranking (in which politics appears with Draghi and Conte).

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Top 10 trending in Italy

1 Italian League
2 Europeans
3 Classroom
4 Raffaella Cara
5 Champions League
6 Roland Garros
7 Christian Eriksen
8 Wimbledon
9 Green Pass
10 Matteo Berrettini

The rankings are dominated by searches from more than 560 million Indian Internet users: cricket matches in first and second places Australia vs India ah meNadia vs England And in the third there isIndian Premier League Cricket game.

Sport continues, then, withforebode American Basketball, European Football Championship Euro 2021, The America’s Cup from football e India vs New Zealand, again cricket. Once again cricket is in eighth place with this event T20 World Cup.

In ninth place is a break from sports and confirmation of the global success of the South Korean series from Netflix squid games
Released worldwide in mid-September. 10th place rapper DMXHe was admitted to the hospital on 2 April of a heart attack caused by an overdose and died on the 9th of the same month.

Top 10 global searches

1 Australia – India
2 India – England
5 euro 2021
6 America’s Cup
7 India and New Zealand
8 T20 World Cup
9 squid game
10 DMX

The other arrangement in Italy

Returning to Italy and scrolling through other classifications, we come across the arrogant and necessary digital entry in our daily lives – in “How do we do it?” digital identity Spide
He conquered the summit at the expense of the classic tie knot, the curriculum and the washing machine – and in the interest of the citizens of issues that politics set aside – Ddl Zan
, the bill against homophobia that sank in the Senate, is the first in the “what does that mean?Perhaps beyond the search bar, it is also useful to start here.

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