Infinite has recreated the Halo . esports landscape

Infinite has recreated the Halo . esports landscape

Esports associated with Fps have two great predecessors: Quake and Halo. First released in 2001, with flawless multiplayer, Halo Combat Evolved has made a whole generation of competitive players. Twitch king Ninja even started his video game career with Halo, and he, like millions of other fans, is back in the series thanks to Halo Infinite, the newest part of the just-released saga.

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All reviews agree that Infinite’s multiplayer is perfect: well-balanced, engaging, and fun to play and watch. This is the perfect recipe for reviving a competitive circuit, the Halo Championship Series (HCS) that has suffered so much in the past years due to a previous chapter in the highly disappointing saga. After dropping the beta and exploding its player base, HCS announced a major return to North America, Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The total prize pool for this season will exceed $3 million across all events, with crowdfunding driving it even higher.

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In terms of format, HCS will consist of online tournaments hosted on the Faceit platform followed by an online Pro Series event in each region where top professional teams will face the emerging rosters. From there, players will aim to enter the major and regional tournaments, two events where the stakes will be significantly higher. The Majors will be the most exciting event of the entire season, have the largest prize pools and give the most points to qualify for the Halo World Championship, which takes place October 20-23 in Seattle. As for the prize pool, the Halo World Championship will have a seed prize of $1 million, but 343 add money thanks to crowdfunding via in-game purchases. “For crowdfunding, our philosophy is to be open and inclusive,” the developer said. “A small percentage of each Halo Infinite in-game purchase will contribute to the entire season’s prize pool.”

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Twitch integration

There is also an esports section already active in Infinite multiplayer where you can buy various armors based on the competing teams in HCS, such as Fnatic and Cloud9. To motivate fans to watch competitive events online, 343 will also launch drops on Twitch, which means fans will be able to link their Twitch account to their Halo account to get skins and banners. During the Major on December 17, players will be able to get a set of armor inspired by the game’s hero: Master Chief.

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