Sparkling blues dominate the Black Fires

Sparkling blues dominate the Black Fires

They wanted to make an impression on this fall tour. It is simple to say that Annick Hayraud’s Bleues has already fulfilled the contract set by the employees. On Saturday 13 November, spectators at the Hameau de Pau Stadium saw France XV make a real demonstration over the New Zealanders with a 38-13 victory. If the Blues go on with two wins against the Black Ferns, they’ve never made such a copy: six attempts for the Blues, one for the Black Ferns and by 25 points.

We don’t even know where to start because the blues were great. Yes, all was not well. There were already loose balls here and there, rough passes, and malfunctions on the floor, but it’s an inevitable waste when you pack the pace of the meeting a lot and sometimes miss with a little clarity. With a double (11, 15), including a test on a superb pass at the foot of center Gabriel Werner, winger Cyril Bennett fired the French works perfectly. Les Bleues led 12-6 at the quarter-hour mark.

Impressive in conquest, the Blues were able to take advantage of good touches to mend opposing defenders thanks to the strength of their attacker, before sending three-quarters of them into orbit. After Cyrielle Banet, Chloe Jacquet (19, 2 choices) instead of Caroline Bogard entered the booth, and went there to try her before the break (19-6). What gives the Blues a nice mattress up front and puts a hell of a punch behind New Zealanders’ heads.

The accusations of Emlin Gross and Roman Menajer, the hurt and accuracy at the foot of Gabriel Werner, the quality of the squad led by captain Gael Hermit, the speed of the ball exit imposed by the Bourdon Drouin knuckle, the desire to play straight and use after-contact passes, everything was done to stifle the hopes of their opponents as quickly as possible. maybe. Five-time world champion, New Zealanders cheated half an hour big. Pragmatism, first and rare passes in the French camp were rewarded, but Blue did not give up. The Black Ferns had to wait until the 73rd minute to score their first and only game experience by Blackwell.

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If France’s 15th performance is historic – the Blues have never won by more than a nine-point lead against the Black Ferns – and is precious in their pursuit of the world title, it seems important to remember that their opponents are out by two points. years due to Covid-19. They only reached France with two legs, two spankings against the English (No. 1 in the world ranking). This partly explains the misunderstandings, balls losing contact or even increasing fatigue over the course of the meeting, which affected the New Zealanders’ game. They will have a week to raise their level of play and try to get revenge on the Blues, next Saturday (November 20).

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