Former winger Joe Rokokoko explains where the struggles of blacks come from

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Two historic defeats against Ireland, a losing run, relegation to fourth in the world rankings…the past few weeks have been very complicated for the All Blacks. While the local media did not hesitate to reveal their displeasure, particularly highlighting their desire to replace Sam Whitelock with Sam Whitelock as the team captain, as well as at seeing coach, Ian Foster, being removed from his jobs. After these protests, the New Zealand Football Association decided to dismiss the assistant coaches from selection.

After Karl Heymann who could not see the difficulties faced by blacks, by noting in particular the fact that the problems date back a few years already, another historic player of choice also returned to the Midi Olympique on this crisis and that is New Zealand: Joe Rocococo. The former international, who played 68 caps in particular, explained why his compatriots are in so much trouble at the moment.

“Indeed, the Helix is ​​negative: The All Blacks have had four defeats in the last five games… On the field, the body language of the players is not deceiving: they greatly lack confidence. Moreover, the offensive game does not deceive. It is not diverse as Sufficiently faced with these increasingly organized defenses, these movements, which had hitherto been successful, were no longer in operation.The comparison with Irish launches was unfavorable to New Zealand. […] So maybe a change of coaches (defense coach John Plumetre and offensive coach Brad Moore were replaced recently, editor’s note) will change all that…I don’t know…”

All the blacks who will have to recover quickly since August 6, in just one week, the rugby tournament begins. The competition in which Ian Foster’s men will face South Africa, Argentina and Australia. But above all competition that can allow blacks to raise their heads or see them crumble a little more. Joe Rocococo hopes this will be an opportunity for New Zealand to find itself because they have the weapons to do so.

“The talent, all blacks possess. The team has been expanded too. Now, I am curious as to what the next trip to South Africa will offer: there, blacks will be among themselves, on hostile territory; they will have to find virtues deep within themselves which have disappeared to the point of What late. In front of the Springboks, they’ll have to play like the All Blacks again.”

“Recently, new coach Jason Ryan said in the New Zealand media that the attackers have lost the aggressiveness that was their strength until now. Respecting themselves, they will find it that way.”

to summarize

Former All Blacks winger: Joe Rocococo, in an interview with Midi Olympique, has also returned to the current situation in New Zealand. In particular, he points out the source of some of the difficulties currently facing selection.

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