Spain reduced the quarantine of positive cases to seven days, down from ten previously

Spain reduced the quarantine of positive cases to seven days, down from ten previously

According to the Spanish Prime Minister, this measure aims to find a balance between “public health” and “economic growth”.

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While new rules must be announced at the end of the week for France, the Spanish government decided, Wednesday, December 29, to reduce the quarantine period for people infected with the Covid-19 virus to seven days, compared to ten previously, while setting the record. The number of infections, as in many other countries, raises fears of destabilizing the economy.

This procedure aims to strike a balance between “Public Health” And “Economic growth”Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told reporters before the Health Ministry officially made the decision in a statement. The decision is also justified by the observation“Shorter incubation period for this variant (omicron) compared to the others” And according to some experts, Health Minister Carolina Daria explained. This reduction in the isolation period only concerns people who are asymptomatic on the seventh day, as she explained Wednesday evening to the press.

Spain, which is facing the whole world with an increase in the Omicron variable, thus joins the growing list of countries reducing the duration of quarantine for infected people, such as Argentina on Wednesday and soon after the United States on Monday and England. before Christmas.

The Spanish authorities had already recommended on December 21 not to impose a quarantine on fully vaccinated people who had close contact with people infected with the Omicron variant, but simply to limit their contact. On the other hand, unvaccinated contact cases still have to observe quarantine, which was also reduced on Wednesday from ten to seven days.

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Spain broke its own record on Wednesday with 100,760 cases recorded within 24 hours. The previous wave of daily records was in mid-January and was nearly 40,000 cases in a single day. The country recorded 1,508 cases per 100,000 residents on Wednesday in 14 days, and 915 cases over seven days.

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