"Space and Time" Confuse the new exhibition

“Space and Time” Confuse the new exhibition

In October, Arpac welcomes Martine Cazin graphics, place and time. It is an important graphic, meditative and silent work. Born in Paris in 1942, Martine Cousin renounced her professorship of plastic arts in 1970. She left town for a hilltop village in Haute-Provence, set up a ceramics workshop there and created a line that combined tradition and modernity given to the country.

At the same time, she draws and tries to capture on paper the movement of the hills, the light of the seasons, the fleeting moment that we do not want to forget. In 2005, at the end of her life as a potter, she joyfully devoted herself to painting and drawing. Early landscapes gave way to contemplation of space and time, color disappeared in favor of pencil, and praise of slowness replaced the speed of butts.

“It is then lines, simple lines, to tell time, to tell Alfred and the masses, to accept losing oneself in silence and going into absence.” Martin Cousin announces the presentation of her paintings.

From the 1st to the 24th of October, the exhibition “From Time and Place” by Martin Kazin. It will open on Friday October 1 from 6 pm The artist will attend on Saturday and Sunday October 2, 3, 23 and 24, from 3 pm. Fondation du Pioch Pelat – Arpac, allée Marie-Banégas, 511 route de La Pompignane, in Castelnau, 3pm-7pm, closed on Mondays. 04 67 79 41 11.

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