Science Festival at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Observatory Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines OVSQ for School Observatory in Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, October 8, 2021, Guyancourt.

Science Festival 06-08 October
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Observatory in Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Face-to-school reservation is required.

Teaching teams can book a visit between one and two hours for classes.
Workshop: Radars level: from CM 1 to high school
Understand the world of electromagnetic waves and the operating principle of radar (applied to meteorological measurements and Martian subsoil) based on practical experiences.
Workshop: ClimaTIC TAC level: from CM 1
Together, let’s play against climate change! ClimaTicTac collaborative educational game discovery workshop for dealing with climate change, its causes, effects, adaptation and mitigation in a fun and non stressful way. Building on the state of scientific knowledge, ClimaTicTac was developed and supported by a group of scientists and mediators who were recently awarded the CNRS Scientific Mediation Medal (
Workshop: Senior level: from CM 1 to high school
An immersive device that allows you to explore the scales of time and space by moving along a ledge. Visualize carbon dioxide emissions through glacial interglacial cycles, then over the past decades, then over the past years with each stage focusing on important educational concepts.
Workshop: UVSQ – SAT Control room level: from CM 1 to high school
Discover an operational control center for guiding small satellites.
Satellites are everywhere nowadays (agriculture, rescue, climate, etc.). But do you know how it is controlled?
Demo and explanations will allow you to discover how to control satellites remotely, especially in the context of climate research.
Workshop: PIT “Integration and Testing Platform” Level: CM 1 to High School
Dedicated technology platform for equipment testing and integration activities. The equipment for the study is for Earth observation and equipment aboard satellites or interplanetary probes for the study of space and the planets of the solar system.
Workshop: Immersive Picture Wall Level: From CM 1 to High School
The MIRE platform is a multi-screen visual platform hosted by PIT. This installation is capable of displaying a total of 16 million active holographic pixels over a total area of ​​6m x 1.7m.
Workshop: Virtual Reality of Mars Level: High School
Visitors will be able to explore a home on Mars and interact with their virtual environment. They will also be able, via the decompression chamber, to exit the habitat where they will be greeted by Rover Curiosity and move onto the surface of the Red Planet near the base.
Workshop: SAM “Sample Analysis on Mars”: from CM 1 to high school
Measurement instrument aboard the Mars rover Curiosity that landed on Mars in August 2012. This spectrometer should provide the chemical composition of the Martian atmosphere and Martian soil and was manufactured by LATMOS presented as part of the Fête de la Science, model exhibit, with photos and videos in the presence of scientists who will explain the operation of this rover.
Workshop: Kataravan Level: From CM 1 to High School
Half-caravan-half-raft art installation, the cataravan is inhabited by Job, a young woman from the future, to tell us how we can adapt to climate change. Through narrative and scenographic composition, this exhibition invites the visitor to discover the life of Job, the creeper, the imaginary inhabitant of the Gulf of Morbihan in the year 2050. Aboard his strange floating habitat, Job would have traveled back in time to meet us, the citizens of 2020. Bearing with her the testimony of a future time, It depicts a territory in which people could have adapted to the consequences of climate change by making a number of changes in their lifestyles.
Workshop: Air Quality Level: From Primary to College
Experiments on the air, producing and measuring pollutants (carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds) to better understand and understand our daily lives and discover the heaps of pollutants that occupy our homes without us necessarily knowing. Awareness of the correct reactions to ensuring air quality will lead to the closure of this workshop.
Workshop: laser level: from CM 1 to high school
Understand how lasers work, and lidar detection (remote sensing and telemetry method similar to radar)
Workshop: ClimarisQ – Digital Game Level: Middle School – High School
A smartphone/web game resulting from a science mediation project that highlights the complexity of the climate system and the urgent need for collective action to reduce climate change.
Workshop: Inuit Level: College – High School
After watching a short film about the Inuit community, we will learn about the various indigenous peoples living in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. These peoples have adapted to polar environments, that is, to some of the most difficult living conditions on Earth. How do they deal today with the problems of global warming, the decline of sea ice, the increased exploitation of natural resources and marine pollution? For younger and interested adults, it will also be possible during the workshop to learn some words from the Greenlandic Inuit language.

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Organizer: Versailles Observatory Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines