South Africa closes on top in 2021. Unfortunately Italy 14 - OA Sport

South Africa closes on top in 2021. Unfortunately Italy 14 – OA Sport

2021 is running out and we are finally back this year to play almost on a regular basis in stadiums all over the world Following the pandemic emergency that also halted the Oval in 2020. The Six Nations, Rugby and Summer and Autumn Test matches saw the world’s best national teams compete against each other. The rankings saw many new features.

The top has not changed, however, with South Africa Which asserted itself as the strongest national team in the world. But with a sharp decline in the score, which moved from 94.20 points at the end of 2020 to 90.61 this year. In second place, however, went up new Zeland, with the All Blacks gaining a position and closing 2021 at 88.75 points (88.95 a year ago). He is still on the podium, but has fallen to third place, where a year ago England finished second with 89.49 points and closes 2021 with 87.83 points.

At the foot of the platform risesIrelandWhich got one place and ends 2021 with 86.53 points, up from 84.65 points 12 months ago. Despite an amazing year, the France, which nonetheless gains a few decimal points, passing to 85.53 points (85.30 in 2020). In sixth place stillAustralia Which closes 2021 with a score of 83.92 (83.08 in 2020).

Going down the standings, from seventh to tenth, there are the same national teams as they were a year ago, with only one change. If he is in seventh place Scotland (83.05 points) the eighth rises Wales (81.56), underminingArgentinaNinth place with 80.58 points. tenth day Japan Which closes the top ten with a score of 78.26 points.

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If we look at the top 15 and into Italy, the Fiji (76.62 points), Los Angeles Georgia (73,72), while making a good jump from fifteenth to thirteenth pounds Samoa (73,59). L ‘Italia She didn’t move from 14th place, but saw her total score drop from 70.88 in 2020 to 70.51 in 2021. Romania, with a score of 67.91 points, a jump from 19th place a year ago. At the expense of Tonga, which took 13th place 12 months earlier than the top 15.

Photo: Yoann Cambefort / DPPI – LPS

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