Football. Brian O’Driscoll’s 15th All-Time Dream, With Only One Frenchman

Today, a consultant for English television, Brian O’Driscoll puts a single Frenchman in his fifteenth dream. (© Icon Sport)

Brian O’Driscoll, perhaps the best position of the 2000s. “BOD” thrilled the crowd with his exploits, his attempts, his elegant style of play and his class on the field, having played 133 times for Ireland. it is obvious that The fifteenth dream of all time It looks like a Frenchman: Yannick Jozion.

“Yannick was absolutely amazing and it was very difficult to stop him, with the ability to get him to play after him with the dump. France has built a lot around him,” O’Driscoll tells the magazine. tuck In order to justify the presence of Toulouse in his team. At number 13, where BOD was developing, we find NZ Conrad Smith An association that makes you dream on paper.

Wilkinson at No. 10

In his all-time dream team, there are 4 Englishmen, including Johnny Wilkinson At No. 10. “He’s a complete perfectionist, he needed to score 10/10 in every game. And he did it often,” the coward exclaimed O’Driscoll of Sir Wilco, who for his part did not hesitate to put the Irish center in the top team him at all.

Little surprise with Ireland’s Tommy Poe on the right wing.

Brian O’Driscoll’s Fifteenth Dream

15 – Jason Robinson (England)
14 – Tommy Bow (Ireland)
13 – Conrad Smith (New Zealand)
12 – Yannick Gauzion (France)
11 – Jonah Lomo (New Zealand)
10 – Johnny Wilkinson (England)
9 – Peter Stringer (Ireland)
7 – Richie McCaw (New Zealand)
6. Richard Hill (English)
5 – Martin Johnson (England)
4 – Paul O’Connell (Ireland)
3 – Karl Heymann (New Zealand)
2 – Keith Wood (Ireland)
1 – Tendai Mtawarra (South Africa)

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rough package

For its part, the packaging is as tough as it is with warriors Richie McCaw And Richard Hill In the third line, the second line Martin JohnsonPaul O’Connell that you can travel with without worry. “One of the greatest leaders and players. He’s an inspiration,” says O’Driscoll, now a consultant to BTSport, of O’Connell.

He also blends in on the front lines with the Irish Keith Wood, who revolutionized the whore site in the early 2000’s. He was the first to win the World Player of the Year trophy in 2001!

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