Sopoaga throat treatment in Garbajosa –

Sopoaga throat treatment in Garbajosa –

Lima Sopoaga (Photo by Loic Cousin/Icon Sport)

Lyon’s New Zealand fly-half Lima Sopoaga shared his views on the departure of Xavier Garbajosa, the team’s former manager, after a tumultuous season in the top 14 marked by internal struggles.

Lima Sopoaga, le demi d’ouverture neo-Zelandais de Lyon, a exprimé son opinion concernant le licencement de Xavier Garbajosa, l’ancien manager of the l’equipe, à l’issue d’une season of Top 14 marquée par des tensions avec players. According to Sopoaga, this departure should have happened earlier. He said he was happy with this step, stressing that it would improve the environment in the club. He also noted the lack of a strong relationship between the coach and the players, compared to the situation in La Rochelle where the players have a positive relationship with Ronan O’Gara. Soboaga, who is leaving Lyon this summer, has suggested that Garbajosa learn to build a better relationship with his players if he wants to continue coaching, noting that things have changed since his playing days.

LOU, where Sopoaga played for two seasons, under the management of Pierre Mignoni and then Garbajosa, finished third in the regular phase of the Top 14. However, the team was eliminated in the final minutes of the playoff match against Bordeaux-Less. Lyon justified the dismissal of Garbajosa by saying that this decision was necessary to ensure the calm of the sports group. The club will take the time to find a successor.

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