Sexton suspended for the World Cup?

Sexton suspended for the World Cup?

Thomas Seneke, Media365: Posted on Tue Jun 13, 2023 at 6:30pm.

Clover’s memorial of fifteen (112 caps) sees the World Cup, and thus the end of his career, threatened due to his off-field behavior in the Champions Cup final. It will be a big event for Ireland.

Although Jonathan Sexton was injured and lost in the Champions Cup final, losing with Leinster against La Rochelle (26-27), the Irish rugby legend did not fail to stand out. But for very bad reasons, as he intimidated and even insulted the referees, according to a letter sent to his club by EPCR. Besides these mishaps with meeting officials, the first half of the Irish team had also been involved in an altercation with compatriot Ronan O’Gara, the La Rochelle manager who was also his long-time teammate. His rival in the national team, as well as New Zealand’s second-rower Will Skelton.

The range of possibilities may vary from twelve weeks to … five years

According to British media City AM, his participation in the World Cup is now at stake. Indeed, a possible 24-week suspension is likely mentioned, if the 37-year-old is indeed sanctioned. The range of possibilities may vary from twelve weeks to … five years. Even if the shortest period was chosen, it would then be around three months and it would still likely raise doubts about the selection of Sexton for his fourth and final World Cup as Jubilee.

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Retained in the top 42 list last month, the former 10th seed at Racing, who had already known for several months that he would not play any more matches for the club, could be forced to retire on the sly. Will it still be a great date, Even if you are not present for all the preparations, especially for the first three group matches, for example? This is a somewhat unknown capital, because Jonathan Sexton, who was injured in the last match against England, was still the starting player in four of this winter’s five Grand Slam matches in the Six Nations.

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