Softball: "Le Zie" in Barcelona to defend the European Masters title

Softball: “Le Zie” in Barcelona to defend the European Masters title

An adventure that began in 2013 and led to a world championship win, two European victories, and a fifth place in New Zealand, this is the story of “Le Zie” training top athletes who will begin on Wednesday for Spain, to defend the continental softball title he won in 2019.

“We have brought the enthusiasm back to a sporting movement that has lost its appeal and is today among the strongest in Italy,” says Angelo Brunnero, team manager that brought together former players in 2013 thanks to the World Masters Games in Turin. the event “.

He is keen to point out that “that was the spark for the Torino team’s registration in the second division softball championship, as well as the beginning of an amateur movement, which thanks to the contribution of some young people is still alive today”

The coach will lead the main team that will return to the stadiums of Sant Puy de Llobregat this weekend, a few kilometers from Barcelona, ​​where in 2019 he will represent the Italian yellow ball movement in the second edition of the European League. The Masters Cup, organized by the European Softball Federation.

“Once again, Le Zie will wear the Italy jersey and thus represent the Italian Softball League.” – He adds – “There in Spain we will meet the old stars Oscade (Spain), the Hungary team, the Denmark Classic Ladies, the Sweden team and the old Dutch stars (Netherlands), and specifically the presence of the Dutch team makes us understand the level of the championship, because the orange rarely plays in these competitions to participate “.

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The goals are multiple and Le Zie is already looking forward to 2022 “Fun is the key to success, Le Zie are athletes with multiple experiences, and they are made up of a Piedmont core to which athletes from other regions have been added over time.” “In Barcelona we aim as hard as possible, the races will be as tough as in 2019, where we won yes but it was by no means a walk in the park,” Brunnero defines.

Japan thinks about it just around the corner “We have signed up for the World Masters Games which will be held in Kansai in May next year, we will go there in a different spirit and we will have the possibility to score, if necessary two teams.”

To think of tomorrow “It is true that the bags are ready, the shirts are waiting to be put on and I already know what I will ask of my girls and what they will give me in return, I look forward to seeing them on the court.”

Have a good trip then coach “Thank you, you made us happy!”

The coaching staff of manager Angelo Brunnero was completed by coach Paulo Miroglio, manager Rocco de Misselli and team manager Massimo Incandela.

The formula states for an Italian 6-team round, the top two seeded teams will play the final for first place, while the others will play the consolation team.

This is the Italian team’s calendar:

𝟮𝟴 𝗼
ore 17:00 𝗜 .𝗪. .
19:00 Denmark is a classic for women – 𝗜.

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𝟮𝟵 𝗼
ore 17:00 𝗜 The God’s God. .𝗻. . – The Old Dutch Stars
ore 19:00 Euskadi Old Stars – 𝗜.

𝟯𝟬 𝗼
ore 09:00 𝗪 𝗪 𝗲 – Team Sweden

17:00 final

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