Match, match report and where to see the highlights

Match, match report and where to see the highlights

Excellent performance of the women’s national team, which in Vilnius outperformed Lithuania, achieving the fourth success in a row in the world qualifiers. Italy takes the field with great determination, breaking the deadlock in the 13th minute thanks to the Cernoia pearl, thus making way for the Italian goal. After the Juventus midfielder’s perfect free kick, Peroni and Giacenti scored in the first half, while Gama and Caruso scored in the second half with a 5-0 score.

Poker wins are the best way to present yourself with confidence in the live match with Switzerland scheduled for Friday 26 November (5.30 pm) in Barbera in Palermo. After four challenging days with Swiss Gama and his teammates visiting Romania, two races will be won at any cost to end 2021 in strong blues and give an extra boost to the World Cup race.

“We’re happy, tonight the girls played a good game – that’s coach Melina Bertolini’s comment – these days we worked a lot on movements and speed, I asked to alternate between playing in amplitude and short-term drafting and the results are clear, even if we can score more goals. In November we have two more base games, to finish first in the group, we have to win all of them but the way is the right one.”

the match

Compared to the win over Croatia, Giuliani returns to goal, Linzini replaces Salvai in defence, and Galli replaces bruised Rusucci. On the right side, the coach relies on the thrust of Bergamci, on the other side Bonance works, in the attack in turn from the rest of Girelli who was replaced by Peroni, driven by the first ball in blue.

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The Italian supremacy arrives in the 13th minute thanks to the usual Cernoia, who was repeated after the ban on the match with Croatia at the LFF stadium was lifted with a superb free kick ending his career at the cross columns. At 23 o’clock the “multi-level Juventus player” starts the move that leads to the doubling, providing a perfect aid to Pironi who does not give the opposing goalkeeper the opportunity to escape with a precise header. Melina Bertolini’s 35th minute monologue continues with the fourth place in the World Qualifiers for Giacenti: The Rossoneri striker frees himself on the edge of offside and his left beats innocent Lucianocchi to the trio that puts an exclamation point on Italy’s excellent first half.

In the second half, the score was unchanged, with the Italians continuing to press to try to increase the number of goals. The right opportunity came in the 54th minute and this time it was Captain Gama who, after entering the area with a powerful shot, beat Lukianuki for the fourth time. At the age of 83 at the cross of Gliona, the second blue spot comes from Caruso who, although Italy made two or three more balls, brought the curtain down on the match. Melina Bertolini’s players continue their journey in Group G with full points and without conceding goals: in a month there will be a date with Switzerland that could give a first important turning point for the path towards the tournament that will take place in 2023 in Australia and New Zealand, but Italy is ready.

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Match Report

Networks: 13′ Cernoia, 23′ Pirone, 35′ Giacenti, 53′ Gama, 83′ Caruso

Lithuania (5-4-1): Lukyanchuk. Ruzgutė, Neverdauskaitė, Piesliakaitė, Liužinaitė, Mikutaitė; Lazdauskaitė, Gailevičiūtė, Vaitukaitytė, and Petravičienė; Jonušaitė. Show: Savickaitė, Jurgaityt, Toropovaitė, Valikonienė, Jaapaitė, Žatkina, Kyžaitė, Griksaite, Žėglevičiūtė, Narbutaitė, Liužinaitė, Rogačiova. Ct: Remantas Victoravius.

Italy (3-4-3): Giuliani. Gamma (76′ Salvae), Linari, Linzini; Bergamaschi (54′ Guagni), Caruso, Galli, Bonansea (67′ Soffia); Sironia, Giacenti (67′ pipe), Pironi (54′ ghrelli). Available: Durante, Schröveniger, Poitien, De Guglielmo, Greg, Cantor, Sertorini. Ct: Melina Bertolini.

Rule: Jelena Medjedovic (SRB). Auxiliaries: Ivana Jovanovic (SRB) is Alexandra Stoganak (SRB). Official Hall: Milica Milovanovic (SRB).

Noticeable: Ammonite Gailevičiūtė, Jonušaitė, Caruso

Lithuania – Italy: Where to see the highlights

The goals and highlights of Lithuania-Italy 0-5 played on Tuesday 26th October are available on the Youtube channel Vivo Azzurro at this link:

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