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latest PinterestThe functionality can help creators better prepare their content for installers and enable direct purchases. Pinners have the opportunity to shop the offered products directly. This enables them to implement their ideas better and more directly.

Product tags for Idea Pins will initially be launched in the UK and US only. The paid partnership feature is now available to select creators in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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New Pinterest posts: Product tagging for Idea Pins

Pinterest is like a massive catalog with millions of product pins uploaded by retailers and brands, tracked through a partnership with Shopify, and pinned to installers. People come to Pinterest to shop and this need increases with the introduction of Idea Pins. In fact, we found that Pinners are 89% more likely to show intent to purchase products tagged in Idea Pins than independent product Pins (source: Pinterest internal data, globally, July 2021). Now content creators can take advantage of this catalog and purchase intent by tagging specific products in their Idea Pins. For Pins, this means that they can now shop for ideas from their favorite creators’ Pin Ideas and go from inspiration to purchase.

Pinterest Jobs
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New Pinterest Jobs Identify Paid Partnerships

Creators with brand collaborations now have an easier way to feature paid partnerships with a new functionality. Creators who create Branded Content can add Brands directly to their Idea Pins and once the Brand has approved the ‘Tag’, the Idea Pin will be called the ‘Paid Partnership’. This feature makes it easy for creators to showcase partnerships with brands and use their expertise to communicate authentically with commenters.

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“We are constantly working with content creators to help them build their business on Pinterest”

Aya Kanai, Head of Content and Creator Partnerships at PInterest: “Pinterest is a place where content creators are discovered with inspiring and actionable ideas. With this latest update, we are helping creators reach the millions of shoppers on the platform and monetize their work. Because creators should be rewarded for the inspiration they provide. for their followers and the sales they generate for brands. They are fundamental to our mission to inspire everyone to create a life they love. We are constantly working with content creators to help them build their businesses and thrive on Pinterest.”

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