Snowboarding |  Sebastien Toutant misses the big jump final

Snowboarding | Sebastien Toutant misses the big jump final

(Beijing) Sebastien Toutant won’t be able to defend his Olympic title in the big jump, while a Quebec skier stormed into Shougang ski jump despite sustaining a heel injury.

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Alexis Belanger Champagne
Canadian Press

Toutant was eliminated from qualifying on Monday at the Beijing Olympics. After gaining 67.00 points on his first jump, Montrealer fell on his second and third attempts and finished 26And their rankings while only the top 12 finalists got their tickets to the final.

Canadians Max Parrott (164.75) first, Mark McMorris (147.25), eighth, and Darcy Sharp (142.00), 12AndQualifications passed. On the women’s side, fourth Laurie Bloen and 10-year-old Jasmine BirdAnd, qualified for the final. The finals will be held on Tuesday.

The best two jumps out of the three are counted, but the score must also come from two different jumps.

McMorris revealed after the ordeal that Toutant had bruised heels earlier in the day.

“It happened in training this morning. He was with the doctor until 90 seconds before his jump and decided to go for it.”

“He’s a true warrior,” added the three-time bronze medalist in the tilt swim.

Totant quickly loosened his board after his first jump and came out limping, looking unable to put weight on his right leg.

Toutant needed to touch down on his last jump to break into the top 12, and tried a triple stopper of a 1620 Weddle, but fell hard and fell for about two minutes with the coaches swaying.Inquire about his health. He got up with difficulty before leaving the bottom of the track with someone’s help.

Photo by Fabrizio Mokad, Reuters

Sebastian Toutant

A Canadian Olympic Committee spokesman said Tontant was “fine”. The 29-year-old skater did not meet with reporters.

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McMorris noted that Toutant began practicing jumping, which he tried on his second and third attempts only in the past few days.

“I can’t help but salute the man,” McMorris said. “He’s as strong as a bull.”

Parrot, who won gold in downhill swimming last week, interrupted interviews in the mixed zone to watch his friend jump. At first worried, he soon realized that Toutant had only gasped when he hit the snow.

Unable to see the rest of the action due to security barriers, Parrott was disappointed above all that Toutant was unable to join him in the final.

“It’s easy for him not to go to the final. He’s good at long jumps and has maneuvers to win. Unfortunately, he won’t be with us tomorrow,” said Parrot.

On Tuesday, Parrot will try to become the first snowboarder to win two gold medals at the same Olympics.

Parrott emphasized: “For sure, getting on the podium, it would take at least 1,800 without touching the ground. We saw today that we lost six or seven points once we put the hand. They (the judges) want clean jumps and tough maneuvers.”

Bloen wants gold

New Zealand’s Zoe Sadowski Sinnott, last week’s gold medalist in the tilt swim, topped the women’s qualifier with a score of 176.50. Japan’s Kokomo Murasi (171.00) and Rira Iwabushi (158.50) finished ahead of Bloen (156.25).

Baird scored 129.50 degrees.

Blouin, of Stoneham, was sixth after two rounds. I landed two relatively safe jumps. In the final round, the 25-year-old snowboarder took a “Front Cork 1080 Weddle” with a score of 88.25, the third highest-earning jump of the day.

PHOTO JAE C. HONG, Associated Press

Laurie Bloin

“For sure, in the final, it’s going to take 1080 seconds,” Bloen said.

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Quebecers placed fourth in the tilt swim at the Beijing Olympics, after winning the silver medal at the event in 2018 in Pyeongchang. Blouin, who was satisfied with 12And In the big jump four years ago, he plans to extricate himself and win a medal in the final on Tuesday.

“My target is gold, but I’d be really happy with the podium,” she admitted.

Brock Voigt of British Columbia settled with a score of 96.00 and was eliminated by her 21st judgmentAnd Rank.

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