Gabriella Papadakis et Guillaume Cizeron.

LIVE – 2022 Olympics: Papadakis and Seasons crowned in ice dancing, and 11th medal for France

Figure skating and freestyle dancing (2h15). Four years after Pyeongchang’s tears, French duo Gabriela Papadakis-Guillaume Ciceron hoped to grab the gold medal to snatch 10th place.And International title (4 world crowns, 5 European crowns). After breaking the world record (90.83 points) in rhythmic dance, the French couple beat the Russians Victoria Sinitsyna and Nikita Katsalapov (88.85), the world champion and two-time European champion, and the Americans Madison Hubble and Zachary Donoghue (87.13). The blue duo hope to succeed Marina Anisima and Gwendal Bezirat, both gold medalists in Salt Lake City in 2002. Their free show will be danced to the tunes of Eligi by singer Gabriel Faure.

Snowboarding, Women’s Big Air Qualification (2h 30). New Zealand snowboarding gold medalist Zoe Sadowski Sinnott in Beijing wrote New Zealand’s history by awarding her country its first gold medal at the Winter Games. She departs with ambition on a Big Air skateboard. A competition in which the French Lucille Lefevre participates.

bobsled, mono bob woman, 3And and 4And Sleeves (2h30). French Margot Boch ranks 10And A place in a competition dominated by American Kylie Humphreys, against Canadian Christine De Bruyne and German Laura Nolte.

Freestyle skiing, women’s inline swimming qualifications (3 hours). On the slopes program disrupted by high winds and snow on Sunday in Zhangiakou Snow Park, the women’s qualifying, graded one, should begin at 3 a.m. Big Air silver medalist Tess Lidio shows her second card. Like the Chinese Eileen Gu, covered in gold in the Big Air after an amazing competition also aimed for gold in a half-pipe. It was she who, at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne 2020, won two gold (large air, half-pipe) and one silver (slash style). The Big Air final, between China’s Elaine Gou and France’s Tess Lidio, led to a duel at the top, before a stunning finale. The two opponents are back on the right track. Amazing content.

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Ice hockey, women’s semi-finals (5 hours 10). Canada will face Switzerland (5:10 am) and the United States will face Finland (2:10 pm) in the semi-finals of the Women’s Olympic Championship.

Snowboarding, Men’s Big Air Qualification (5 hours 30 minutes). Canadian Max Parrott won the gold medal in Beijing in the downhill swimming, ahead of the Chinese youth Yimeng Su (17). The Canadian, who won a silver medal in the downhill swim in Pyeongchang in 2018, revealed that he has cancer of the lymphatic system. Healed and covered with gold, summed up:Only three years ago I was lying in a hospital bed with no energy, no muscle, no cardio“I remembered the Canadian who evokes”The hardest moment in his life. To find myself here after three years at the Olympics again, living my passion, having the best race I’ve ever run and winning the gold medal, it’s crazyWith China’s Yiming Su, he will be among the favorites in the Big Air.

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